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Datsik Viacheslav escaped his crazy house

It’s been a while since we’ve had the opportunity to bring up psycho MMA fighter Viacheslav Datsik, mainly because he’s spent the past three years in a high security mental ward. Well, he was until July. That was when he was moved to a lower security hospital, which in hindsight seems like it was a mistake because last weekend he busted through the fence with his bare hands and is already back to his criminal ways:

RUSSIAN police are hunting an ex-cage fighter who escaped from a psychiatric ward by tearing through a fence with his bare hands.

Vyacheslav Datsik, 33, turned to a life of crime after he was deemed too violent for the no-holds barred sport, RIA Novosti said.

The powerfully-built Datsik was locked up in a high security psychiatric clinic in 2007 for robbing mobile phone stores but authorities moved him to a low security facility in St Petersburg in July.

Datsik used his immense strength to escape on Saturday.

“He tore a hole in a chain-link fence with his bare hands and fled. We immediately informed police about his escape,” the hospital’s shocked chief doctor, Leonid Yefremov, told the news website.

Authorities suspect the brawler has already re-offended. A salesman at a St Petersburg mobile phone store told police that a “hefty man” raided his business on Sunday, making off with about 7000 rubles ($227) and a Nokia phone. The assistant identified the robber as Datsik from a police photo, RIA Novosti said.

It sounds like Datsik is already making a run at re-earning his title of Mobile Phone Store Robbery champion. He ended up in the looney bin after being found guilty of robbing over a dozen phone shops in St Petersburg.

(big ups to the Middle Easy gang for finding this one)