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Danzig gets vacation, soft rebound

Poor Mac Danzig … here he was thinking he was ready for a title run, and now after a decision loss to Clay Guida he’s stuck fighting Josh Neer at UFC Fight Night 17. Sure, it sucks that he’s effectively out of contention for the moment but it could be worse. Josh Neer is a nice soft opponent for Danzig, someone who will put up an entertaining fight but doesn’t have much of a chance of winning.

Still, you gotta wonder how happy Danzig can be. His loss to Guida was back in September and UFC Fight Night 17 is in February. That means 5 months of sitting around for a fight that doesn’t really do much for him. It’s literally the kind of match that will only teach us something new if Mac somehow loses.

You’d figure with the number of shows going up and up and up for the UFC that guys like Danzig would be getting rotated a bit faster than 5 months. Three months seems to be that magical fast turnaround number, and four should really be the limit of the norm … enough time for a dude to take a few weeks off and then put together a really solid camp. While I understand keeping big ticket dudes like Randy Couture and Chuck Liddell on the shelf until the right fights fall into place, who gives a shit about doing that with guys like Danzig?