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Daniel Cormier is pretty chill about all this bullshit

We’re a year into the Zuffa / Strikeforce deal, and I think it’s reasonable to admit there’s a lot of pissed off Strikeforce fighters out there. The bookings – when they come at all – are often pretty terrible, and now there’s the added bonus that most of them are getting cancelled. Tim Kennedy is angry enough to shoot up an Afghan village over the whole situation. Strikeforce HWGP ‘winner’ Daniel Cormier seems more ‘que sera sera’ over the whole thing:

I haven’t heard anything yet. I didn’t even ask, actually. My manager is in Brazil right now, and he’s probably got a few more answers than I do. I don’t know what’s going on. It’s still pretty blank. They’re a good organization and they take care of their people. We’ve all seen that they’ve taken care of their fighters in the past. If they do pay us, it won’t surprise me, and if they don’t, oh well. I’ll just keep training for the next one, I guess. I’ve dealt with disappointments in life that are way bigger than this.

It’s all about being responsible. I make a lot of money when I do fight. I wish I could make more by fighting more often, but I still have to be responsible. I’m older. I’m about to be 34 years old. That’s the most disappointing thing. From September of 2011 to January of 2013, I will have only had one fight. That’s not very good for a guy my age. I’m supposed to be fighting more often. As a wrestler, I need to be competitively active. I’m used to wrestling every week, so I need to compete more.

It’s out of my control. I’m in a contract, and I fight whenever they tell me to fight. I mean, it sucks. It’s a sucky deal. It’s like having a boss. They control what happens. The one thing I can really rely on, is that even if I feel bad about my place, and sad about the state of Strikeforce, I know that soon I’ll be fighting in the UFC, and I know that I’ll have security there. I just need to get this last fight done. It’s just lingering over me now. I need to get it done so I can keep on progressing.

More than ever, I’m glad that I made a decision, long ago, to try and live reasonably. I’ve had the same car since 2003. It’s got 164,000 miles on it, but I’ll drive it till the wheels fall off of it. That’s when I’ll get a new car [laughs]. I will get a more economical, fuel efficient car, because $4.70 a gallon is insane. Living within my means has made a huge difference, and with a family, it’s something you have to do.

It must be frustrating sitting on the edge of becoming a Big Deal in the UFC. Even more so considering the thing that got him there, the Strikeforce HWGP, is what kept him from being carried over into the UFC in the first place. Bigfoot Silva, the guy Cormier beat in the semi-finals, has already fought twice in the UFC. Once as a headliner! But Cormier ain’t lying about making a decent amount of money when he does fight. Through the grand prix he was pulling 50k/50k, not bad scratch for someone languishing in Strikeforce.