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The dangers of scoring a round 10-10

Dave Meltzer on his Observer radio show touches on what sounds almost like an urban legend: the judge who dared to score 10-10 rounds.

“What happened was… seven/eight years ago there was a judge in New Jersey who scored a couple of rounds 10-10 and he’s never been seen again and every judge knows that story because they’ve all repeated it to me and so therefore they don’t judge 10-10 rounds very often.”

Regardless of if this guy really exists or not, the fact of the matter is he’s perceived to have existed, aka judges perceive that 10-10 is a score that potentially puts your job on the chopping block. Strangely enough, blowing decisions and just completely fucking up the scoring of fights doesn’t seem to result in any kind of problems though. There’s lots of interesting judging talk from the Observer show transcribed at FightOpinion so make sure to read the whole post – it really puts into perspective how we’re still impossibly far away from having a scoring / judging system in MMA that will work.