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Dana’s video blog strikes again

Today’s double dose of Dana White video blog includes Mario Yamasaki, Akiyama, way too much of Fighting’s Cung Le and Channum Tattum (think movie sponsor packages include face time on the video blog now?), the UFC’s media reps trying to shut down Dana White  bitch / faggot related questions and the fallout from that, and Dana’s standard pre-event locker room rounds.

Part two (after the jump) has Dana getting a special unit coin from a Canadian military guy, Dana getting ragged on for starting the fights at 7:30 and fucking up the schedule (that’s why Stout vs Wiman had to be played on the televised card between main events), the wounded vet from yesterday’s video blog watching Brian Stann get whupped from cageside (props to Dana for continuing to show more than bullshit lip service to the military), the chaos of Chuck Liddell coming into the cage, Dana White looking appropriately unhappy with the Anderson Silva fight, and some chick having an orgasm over meeting him. Last but not least, the vid ends with Dana and Chuck heading to the press conference and Dana announcing that Chuck’s career is finito.