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Dana will make Strikeforce good

MMA bloggers love Dana White because every time he opens his mouth several posts worth of news items fall out. Lost in the shuffle of all the Diaz vs Condit craziness was Dana’s spontaneous declaration at a press conference that he wants to fix Strikeforce. This isn’t the first time he’s brought it up, and you gotta wonder what Dana’s angle is sitting down with a scrum of reporters and saying he’s not impressed with Showtime’s performance.

“I’m working on Melendez. Melendez is all over my ass.” He added, “I think he’s a great fighter and I’ve said this a million times and I want to say it again. I want to get my hands on Strikeforce. I want to dive into this thing and I want to do it the way that it should be done. And the way that I think it should be done. We’ll see what happens.”

He later addressed his goals to improve the Strikeforce brand saying, “why not the UFC’s level? If you talk to anybody they will tell you that Gilbert Melendez is one of the best fighters in the world. There’s a ton of guys. Now you got Rockhold over there. Yes, these guys are great. I just want to do things that I want to do things over there. We’ll see what happens. You guys know how I am. If I take this Strikeforce thing then I will dive into this thing 100% because I have so much free time. [laughter] I’m looking for a side project. Honestly, I will dive into this thing and I will make it right and I will make it good. I will make the fighters who fight over there not worry about what’s going on in the UFC.”

OMG HE WANTS TO LOBOTOMIZE STRIKEFORCE FIGHTERS! What else is going to make them magically forget about that much more prestigious and financially lucrative promotion under Zuffa’s ownership? Tickle me intrigued as to how Dana would turn Strikeforce around. Considering it’s worrisome ratings / tickets / existential crisis, it might not even be possible. Which is why I wonder if this kinda talk is a prelude to the UFC pulling the plug on Strikeforce all together. If only they had been able to get the control they needed!