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Dana White’s video blog for 1/24/09

Featuring cameos by:
“>Mike Vallely
Kotetsu Boku
Mike Thomas Brown
Jamie Varner
Carlos Condit
Robbie Lawler
Caol Uno
Thomas Denny
Donald Cerrone
Bang Ludwig
Jens Pulver
Urijah Faber
Kid Yamamoto

It’s pretty funny to hear just how much contempt MFS has for GSP. Lawler picks BJ by KO, Jens picks him by ground and pound. Mike Brown had the most lucid prediction of anyone by saying GSP takes a decision after losing the first round. I have the same pick. That makes me WEC champion too, or something.

The big revelation is towards the end: Kid Yamamoto tells Dana he’s ready for the WEC. No language barrier that marred the answer; he wants in. The WEC is probably the best option to make a move with when it comes to Japan. They have the deal with Cage Force already so they don’t need to ship much equipment, and having Kid against Brown/Faber/Garcia or Torres/Bowles will be all the promotion they need to make headlines.