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Dana White’s off sexing up the networks

Don’t you love coming here? One day we’re like “OMG NO NETWORK DEALS EVAR” and then the next day we’re saying Dana White is off trying to lock up a network deal as we speak. Well, we’re not saying that … it’s Dave Meltzer from his pay newsletter that’s saying that:

“[Dana] White after the [February 2] show said he was leaving for a week and hoped to come back having made a major television deal, saying either with a network or a pay station.”

I had pretty much written off the possibility of a network deal now that the Writer’s strike is toast, and I’m still pretty damned skeptical that anything will come of this. Dana White simply seems to be too hardcore about control to be willing to let some fucking network suits mess with his shit. And without the added leverage of the strike meaning the networks were stuck losing money showing endless reruns ….

As I said, I’m still skeptical. But fingers crossed something happens.

  • terrence halladay says:

    he said he hoped to come back to vegas with a big announcement. it said February 2 and it was for one week. it is past one week.

  • Brad says:

    It will probably take a few months to get new episodes of shows on the air so there will still be a need for some different shit on TV.

  • Accomando says:

    dana has already said this bullshit line about a half a dozen times before.

    Dana whte is full of shit.

  • mmaninja says:

    he’s just one of those guys that’s overly optimistic. So he most always under delivers. Somebody gotta let the man know

  • Zheroen says:

    Too little, too late. Only NOW, after the writers’ strike is basically concluded and the demand for UFC programming by the networks has been cut back down to size, does he actively try to court their favor. DUMMMMMMMMBBBBBB.