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Dana White’s drinking problems?

A few days ago, ESPN put and then took down an article on Dana White which basically implies he had a drinking problem. The story has disappeared from the site and even from google, but Adam Swift from MMAPayout managed to snatch some of it before it went:

A few months ago, Rolling Stone sent a reporter to spend time with White, and got the full Dana-White-in- Vegas treatment. He’s been very candid about his alcohol troubles and going sober 15 years ago, but he’s also been candid about flopping off the wagon now and then. And Rolling Stone caught him in the midst of a four-month bender of drinking and over-eating.

I don’t doubt the UFC asked ESPN to pull the article, since it really isn’t the kind of shit you want floating around when you’re in the middle of network negotiations and god knows what other kinda shit. The question I’m wondering is if the Rolling Stone article is actually gonna have the same kind of information in it, or if it’s gonna be purged of anything like that. Did Dana White really have a drinking issue, or is it just misquoted and taken out of context? Hmmmm.

  • timmay says:

    He was arrested for drink driving way back in the day, when he was in his teens, and then got shipped off to Boston, to live with his grandmamma. Maybe that’s what they;re on about.

  • Lifer says:

    “this fucking moron guy, he fucking thinks i was fucking drunk? look buddy, i havent had a fucking drink in 15 fuckin years and you can fuckin quote the shit out of me on that.”

  • x5BoltMainx says:

    Does anyone really care? Is anyone going to lose any sleep over this? Aslong as the UFC keeps making money & they keep producing exciting fights, I could careless what Dana does in his spare time. Everyone has a darkside. Some of us keep it locked up & never let it out, other can’t control it & all hell breaks lose.

    Plus he kind of reminds me of my dad, he doesn’t care what anyone says, he’s going to run his business to the top. And you better not piss him off because he’ll go off on you with the f-bombs.

  • Lifer says:

    i care + i’m losing sleep. answer your question?

  • I signed up for fightliner! says:

    Too bad he didn’t have a drinking problem with Xyience could of kept the company afloat. I wonder if he binges on cock sandwiches?

  • penxv says:

    Souring on your employer, lifer?

  • marshal says:

    Drinking problem? FL never!

  • Does anyone really care? If your a fan or involved in the industry, a person with so much absolute power as Dana maybe having probelms that could interfer with his judgement and compitence is a matter of concern.

    As far as this being surprising, it wasn’t very. Dana’s hothead and tantrums always did remind me of those of my alcoholic former uncle. Although, Dana’s volatile personality could be more than attributable to that, but both put together could also do the trick.

    If he does have a probelm, I feel for the guy. He’s got a enormously difficult job and a horribly demanding schedule. With than and also living in Las Vegas, constantly being at shows, in casinos, and around booze, drugs, and sex, has to one of the most difficult situations ever.

    I hope he has enough sense to get help if he does need it, although he may not want to step away from his duties to do so, its imperative that he does. It would be better to be away from the company for 6 months than not get treatment and loss his job forever.