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Dana White wants to fuck Cage Potato

When pictures of Arianny’s Playboy photoshoot appeared on CagePotato, I wisely decided I’d let them keep that exclusive since we don’t have a legal department to forward on vindictive lawsuits from the UFC or Playboy. It turned out to be a good call, as they not only got a call from a UFC employee telling them to take that shit down but a second call from Dana White himself declaring he’s going to “fuck them”:

So the next day, saturday, around 2PM the phone rings […] “This is Ben, who are you trying to reach?” And the person on the phone says “I’m trying to reach you. This is Dana White” There’s a bit of a pause and it starts to sink in that this is not going to be good. And I’m like “Heeeeey Dana” […] And the first thing he says is “What kind of scumbag are you?” I was kinda stunned a bit[…]I knew I was gonna have to take a beating over the phone so I tried to apologize about the situation but there’s not much you could say. I put the pics up and took em down when we were asked and its behind us now. But he wasn’t really looking for an apology he just wanted to yell at me for 20 seconds. So he calls me a scumbag, he told me to go fuck myself, he actually said something like “How could you do that to this poor girl” which I almost laughed at. And then the capper, and I’m just listening, sitting there. And he says at the end, I quote “I’m gonna fuck you up worse than you’ve ever been fucked before.”

Now it’s interesting to consider what that’s gonna be about. I don’t think there’s one MMA website on the internet that couldn’t be sued by the UFC if they really got a hard-on to do it. We all have shifty videos or unlicensed pictures floating around on our servers, after all. Or maybe he just plans on blackballing them, barring them from shows, promo events, and expos. Too bad – ” target=”_blank”>that CagePotato punching machine looked like a lot of fun.

Whatever he does, it’s never good to be on Dana’s shitlist. But if he spent less time fighting the internet and annihilating fan sites for imagined slights, he might understand how the game works: big sites runs shitty shots (literally a picture of a picture), publisher sends standard cease and desist form already prepared for just this sort of occassion, and the photos go down. Fanboys look for tittehs but oh shit they got taken down and I wanna see em even more now! We all leave with blue balls and a hightened anticipation for seeing Arianny naked. Everyone wins. This is how it’s rolled for every Playboy issue anyone on the internet has ever wanted to see, and it’s about the best form of advertising the magazine can get.

But instead all Dana sees is a parasite trying to make some money out of the UFC, Arianny and Playboy. It’s basically how he sees most MMA websites, which is pretty fucking bullshit since MMA websites carried MMA through the dark ages and still play a major role in covering the sport and encouraging it’s growth. Dana should be fucking glad that a major player like Break is investing money into promoting the sport. Instead it sounds like he plans on trying to grind them into the dust.

  • subo says:

    Yeah, I just can’t imagine why Dana would be angry about that.

  • G Funk says:

    Fuck Dana Weasel White and all blind company nuthugging mofos!

  • CRM_Stephen says:

    Egotastic had a ton of the Playboy pics up in all their HQ glory, but they’re gone today.

  • Letibleu says:

    if you wanna see *it* and you have not yet, here are simple instructions.

    Go to your favorite torrent site ie *iso* or search using your favorite client software ie *vuze* and look up “playboy november”.

    If you are so much inclined to look, there is someone that somehow got about 30 unpublished pictures of the shoot of *it* of which are a little more raunchy. The unpublished photos dont have any mods made such as her missing tattoo.

    Enjoy :)

  • mmariusp says:

    How the UFC is going to become the fight version of NFL with Dana in charge is beyond me, do you ever see Roger Goodell calling patspulpit and yelling he is “gonna fuck you up worse than you’ve ever been fucked before.”

    And yes, you can´t say nothing about Dana without saying he´s done a lot for the UFC and the “sport” so there you have it.

    He should worry about other things.

  • YEAH RIGHT says:

    Subo is siding with dana white???!?!?!? What???

    I think this write up is pretty solid.

    Also, cagepotato is catching alot of shit lately, cheick kongo also put CP on his shitlist:

    which, depending on who you are, isnt that bad:

  • mmariusp says:

    Subo is siding with dana white???!?!?!? What???

    It didn´t mean it in an ironic way did he?

  • subo says:

    To pretend that Ben didn’t know what he was doing was wrong is just silly.

  • mmariusp says:

    So you think Dana acted right by handling the situation this way. fantastic

    It bothers me that you are one of the contributors at MMA Consensus rankings, with your opinions and the blind love of everything Dana/Zuffa/UFC does, is it really possibly you can give fighters outside of the UFC a fear chance.

    About DANA on topic
    I think it´s fucking tragic that a man who controls so many fighters future shows so many flaws.

  • fightlinker says:

    No one’s pretending that. Everyone is just amazed that Dana White wants to personally crush anyone that he thinks is fucking with his business, and that includes sites like CagePotato which are obviously good for the sport.

  • Narcisist says:

    This is the best way to explain how this works, because I have received several of these cease and desist letters, takedown notices, “I’m not a scumbag and I am going to sue you” threatening letters and at the end of the day everyone goes happy.

    Titties appear on site, Buzz is created, DMCA and Cease and desist letters go out, we get a spike in traffic and the magazine’s sales spike (We make some extra tens of dollars off the ad impressions and can support our nasty glue sniffing habbit a little more).

    No one is trying to screw Dana, he just takes it personal all the time.

  • subo says:

    “Buzz is created”? How many people you think saw the photos and said “well damn, now I’ll be extra sure to buy that issue”?

    Dana wasn’t screwed by this. Arrianny unquestionably was. And I looked at the damn pictures online because they were there and who wants to fucking pay for an entire magazine just to get pictures of bewbs? I took money out of her pocket and got to see her naked for free. Doesn’t mean I feel good about it.

  • Narcisist says:

    @Subo, Buzz was created by leaking the pictures. We had a 200% overall spike in anything titled “Arianny” and “Playboy”. I agree with you about Arianny getting screwed, because there is no one that can argue that point.

    But overall the magazine probably benefited from the pictures being leaked as well because they could no longer be found on the usual suspect websites. Websites and Blogs received notice right away that they would be dealing with Playboy, the UFC and Arianny’s lawyers if they posted the pictures.

    If you go back to Rachelle Leah’s Playboy pictures, you can find them rather easily and no DMCA or Cease and desists letters were sent out. The UFC made it known this time around that they will not let it happen to Arianny.

    Me personally, I wasn’t buying the magazine because I was not going to spend money on it no matter what. I like Arianny, but jerking off to a Playboy magazine when X-Videos and a ton of tube site are out there seems so…..1999.

  • kwagnuth says:

    I tried to look but they were gone already but if I did get a glimpse of those huge mungos I would never have felt bad or guilty til after I had a wank.

    Seriously though I would never part with my money to buy the mag either way what are they like 10.00 or something. That’s half the price of a previously viewed porno dvd.

    Also Dana can fuck the hell out of CP but we all know he will just be closing his eyes thinking about Sherdog.

  • P W says:

    mmariusp is spot on. Dana shows again why he, as a boxercise instructor, can only take the company so far, due to lack of management skills. Was it last year that the UFC basically had to shut down operations because Dana was on vacation? And now he’s doing an intern a at law firm’s job?

  • dawgbone says:

    Narcisist, and once you take the material covered in the cease and desist letters down does it ever stop you from doing it again?

    Of course not.

    That’s inherently the problem.

    “Awww shucks, I’m awfully sorry” has been the way to skirt things for years on the internet. Cagepotato knew exactly what they were doing and knew exactly how illegal it was and did it anyways.

    Why? Because the worst that would happen is a letter. There were absolutely no consequences for the action and that’s the exact reason why people do it. Content theft on the internet is a huge fucking problem and it literally costs corporations billions each year.

  • frickshun says:

    Dawgbone might be the only adult on this freaking site besides me.

  • variable says:

    This is just typical Dana, nothing really surprising. Right or wrong Dana sees this as someone fucking with his people and he doesn’t like it. I’m also not so sure its fair to say Arianny was screwed by websites publishing the pics. (again not condoning it)

    My understanding is that the typical playboy contract even for so called celebs is a flat rate fee, and it is not based on numbers of product moved. That being the case she wouldn’t be compensated any differently if the mag sold none or a million issues.

    Playboy on the other hand probably has a legit gripe about this. On a side note how the fuck is playboy still even in business with all the free porn on the net?

    Undoubtedly, cp fucked up and did something unnecessary (there are a million other ways to find this online) and sleazy (trying to get more hits on the site by stealing content) . I think on principle this should be between them and playboy without Dana’s interference. Still, in terms of content and value added to the mma community I couldn’t give 2 shits if cp went away tomorrow.

  • dawgbone says:

    ^ There are still a lot of old men who haven’t bothered to figure out the internet yet.

    Same reason why adult DVD’s are still able to sell.

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    Updated: Analysis of Patch 4.0.1 Changes

    With the addition of Find Weakness and Energetic Recovery to the Subtlety toolkit, Subtlety is shaping up to be a PvP powerhouse. Being able to regain 12 energy per tick of recuperate (works out to an additional 4 Energy per second, a 40% increase to your base regeneration) is an incredibly strong ability and will basically make it necessary to keep recuperate up all the time. That’ll mean that you are running around regenerating 5% or more (depending on whether you invest in both Improved Recuperate and Quickening) every 3 seconds while generating obscene amounts of energy. That’s just your survivability, lets take a look at the damage. The newly added Glyph of Hemorrhage will apply a 24 second bleed every time you use Hemo which will effectively remove the need to use Rupture to maintain the Sanguinary Vein damage bonus (though Rogues will probably opt to use Rupture anyway since they can refresh it for free via Serrated Blades) — it’s simply another way to quickly ramp up your damage versus a target.

    Speaking of ramping up your damage, the damage buffs to Backstab caused it to actually do damage. This is a new concept for Rogues that started playing in Burning Crusade or later, but Backstab can output some serious damage and when Find Weakness is properly implemented it has the potential to take Rogue physical gucci handbags damage to levels that haven’t been seen since 3.0. All in all, Subtlety PvP right now is viable, dynamic, and will undoubtedly be the spec of choice for most Rogues in Cataclysm when it comes to player vs. player combat.

    Currently in 4.0.1 there isn’t much to be said for Combat. The damage is horrible, using Revealing Strike is a DPS loss and it is plagued by the same mobility issues that it has faced for all of WoTLK. Until they fix the damage values this spec is a write off and should be considered incomplete.

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