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Dana White … video blogger!

Multiple promotions (okay, mainly Affliction) are trying to build a market for themselves off the hate many people have for Dana White and the UFC. So it’s not surprising that the UFC is firing back with a PR effort to make Dana White look less like the biggest dickhead promoter in the world – coincidentally, one of the categories for our 2008 Worsties awards. This may or may not be a hard thing to do. Dana can be of the most charming guys you’ll ever meet … when he does the UFC Fight Club Q&A sessions he has the whole place wrapped around his pinky, with all the guys grinning like morons and all the girls asking for kisses.

On the other side of the spectrum you get the feeling that if he decides he doesn’t like you, he’ll fucking bury you. And since most people only read about Dana when he’s doing that – counter-programming Affliction and calling blogger parasites (I prefer the term ‘leech’ myself) – I think that’s the side most people associate with him. So in comes the Dana White video log, where we get to hang out with Dana and see him as just one of us. Ya know, doing stuff we do like flying in a private jet and staying in luxury hotel rooms with horrific drapes.

One thing me and him do have in common though: we both live in the same shirt until it’s practically crusted onto us. What’s up with him and that freaking CBGB shirt anyways?

Another Dana White VLog is after the jump.