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Dana White treats people like shit

In his latest high profile interview with Dana White, Sam Caplan spends a bit too much time dealing with pro wrestlers. I can forgive him though, because that’s always good fodder for my site:

Q: You commented on contract talks with Brock Lesnar after the weekend and pretty much guaranteed he’d be fighting for the UFC. Has there been any movement toward an official deal since you made those comments?

DW: Not yet. But the reason that I can say that is because I like Brock Lesnar as a person. He and I both get along personally and I like his management team. So usually when I sit down and start talking to people I’ve got a pretty good feeling of how I think things are going to go. I’m confident that I think I can come to a deal with these people.

After dealing with all these crazy European fighters and agents, I’m sure Dana White is tickled pink to finally be talking with someone who speaks the universal language: Esperanto. No wait, that’s not right. Money. Money is the universal language. Or is it the universal lubricant? There we go. Dana’s happy to finally be dealing with someone who likes the same kind of lubricant as him!

That doesn’t sound nearly as good, but it’s true. The managers of Fedor and Crocop all agree: the UFC throws more money their way than any other organization. It’s only when you get into those small details – Fedor wants the fight in Sambo, CroCop wants two hours of cuddling after sex – that the UFC fails to deliver.

But when it comes to Brock Lesnar, he’s just a big dumb guy with a fucking cock on his chest. Someone must have paid him to tattoo that thing on there, so it’s obvious that he’s willing to do anything if the money’s right. That’s what Dana White is all about: Shut up and take the damned money. You want dignity? You want respect? That’s a whole other ball of wax. But the UFC will pay you (and pay you well) to be their bitch.

Check it out: they did it to Wanderlei. Dana White got out the biggest megaphone he could and basically called the guy a fucking chicken. At the same time, the deal was already fixed in place to make Silva a UFC fighter. Same goes for Mirko Crocop: Dana started shit-talking this guy five minutes after the ink was dry on his contract. And don’t think just because you’re popular or successful that you’ll be protected. Georges St Pierre and Tito Ortiz have both ended up being emasculated by the bald don of the UFC.

It’s one thing to be opinionated and forthright. It’s another to be completely inappropriate and disrespectful to your fighters. That’s probably a big reason why the UFC didn’t go over in Japan and why Japanese fighters aren’t exactly pushing hard to get into the UFC: that shit doesn’t fly over in japan. There’s a whole different kind of flying turd fleet in Japan, but not the kind of shit Dana White’s serving.

  • Ryan says:

    While I agree with your assessments fightlinker, the problem is: what can anyone do about it? When you have someone like Dana treating fighters like shit, despite his constant profession of love and respect for all things MMA (while in fact he’s about lubricant), it doesn’t seem like it will get any better with the pure promoters. What needs to happen is, some former fighters need to get together to start a promotion, and do right all the things UFC currently does wrong (blackballing, low-balling, ball sniffing, etc).

  • intenso says:

    WTF makes you think former fighters would treat anybody any better? Or that they could even start a successful MMA promotion?

  • There’s no reason for a former fighter to treat them any better. Just like a middle child.. Middle child gets his butt kicked from the older brother, then goes and picks on the younger brother… Same deal with frats.

  • sonzai says:

    Have you ever read a report of what goes on at an NHL or MLB arbitration hearing? Ever hear Brian Burke? Worse than Dana. Not that this justifies Dana’s actions, but just indicates what happens in the business of big-time sport all the time.

    How does Rampage feel? (from Quadros’ interview, h/t to sprawl-n-brawl):
    “Said UFC takes care of its fighters and that he likes that. He told a story about fracturing his wrist before the fight with Lidell and not telling anyone, he just wanted to keep it on the down low. After the fight, Dana asked him if he was alright and he revealed to Dana that his wrist was fractured and he said Dana rushed him to a specialty doctor in Vegas to have it looked at. Said Dana helped him get his hand fixed and it healed faster than they even expected. Said this scenario would never have happened in Japan, he would have just had to fight hurt.”

    A lot of the talk is just that–talk. I’m pretty sure Barnett is not butt-hurt about what Dana said, nor was Wandy. For most of the fighters it is indeed all about the cheddah as well.

  • maafaka says:

    Dana White treats people like shit ???
    thats new to me…

  • Very good points Sonzai.

  • matt says:

    Dana took “great care” of Rampage so he would be healthy to fight Hendo. His cheddah was at stake.. Barnett more than likely hasnt thought twice about Danas comments in his personal time,only when he is asked does he give a shit. He knows that Dana will have to hire him at some point in the future Fedor’s signing is just holding that up.