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Dana White to non-FUEL TV getters: “Figure that shit out”

If you’re in the same boat I am as someone who doesn’t get FUEL TV, you feel my pain. It really sucks ass to know there’s a UFC event on right this second that I cannot watch, especially after I just watched the under card on Facebook. I’m reduced to reading a live blog for the main card results, which is kind of equivalent to tugging one out versus getting the real thing. It’s just a lot less satisfying.

You can’t tell me they cannot just keep the feed going and air the main card on Facebook as well. Yeah I know the suits at FOX won’t allow that, but really, who’s going to watch a shitty Facebook feed on a 14 inch laptop screen when they can watch on a real TV? I don’t think ratings would suffer at all. It’d be a nice bone to throw to the great majority of people who FUEL is unavailable to. Networks like SPIKE and FX are available in around 100 million homes. FUEL is available in about a quarter of that. Nothing like getting your product out there to the masses by putting it on a bootleg channel no one gets sandwiched in-between Billy Bob’s Bass Fishing and Extreme Grab Ass.

Really though, I’m just belly-aching. It pisses me off something fierce, and yeah, it’s 4:30 p.m. and I’ve had a few scotches. What, a fellow isn’t entitled to a little childish whining when he’s half in the bag and deprived of his passion? If you’re one of the chosen few, enjoy the action. I’m gonna get back to my scotch and my live blog. Yous can all kiss my pasty white ass!