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Dana White talks about all sorts of stuff

Here’s 15 minutes of Dana White talking with our friend Showdown Joe on MMA Connected. Here’s what they talk about (with the second part of the interview after the jump:

  • the UFC coming to Vancouver
  • Dana retells the “Why I hate EA” story
  • Thinks Fedor fighting Brett Rogers is a joke
  • Thinks Lesnar fighting Carwin is a good fight
  • Says he plans to “kick Showtime’s ass at MMA”
  • Re-states that he thinks he can make an Anderson Silva vs Lyoto Machida fight down the road.
  • Says Anderson Silva ain’t allowed to move up to heavyweight unless he clears out 205 first.
  • Says some months next year will see 3 UFC events.
  • Says he’s happy for Quinton Jackson to be BA Baracus, but not when he’s supposed to be fighting. Then he just wants him to be Quinton Jackson.

Last but not least, here’s what he said about Big John McCarthy:

“It’s not that I disike John McCarthy, I’m not anti John McCarthy at all. I think John McCarthy mde a decision in his career, he decided to not ref anymore. He wanted to move on. If you’re in the ref business to try and get rich … people aren’t in it to be rich, they’re in it because they’re passionate about the sport. I’ve been very lucky to meet some amazing people in my career like Mitch Halpern, the best boxing ref in the sport and he died 10 years ago and being around this guy this guy was passionate about the sport he loved the sport and it was never about the money it was about being a professional referee. And that’s what it’s about.”

“Anyone looking to get rich off refereeing is in the wrong business and he should probably stay in the broadcast business. But I dunno you tell me, do you make money in the broadcast business? I think you should be involved in things because you’re passionate about it and it’s what you love to do. And if you’re that good and that passionate then all the other stuff just falls into place.”

That’s pretty inspiring, and I hate to bring this up and sound like a dick but:

Boxing referee Mitch Halpern, who worked dozens of title fights, has died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Halpern, 33, was found dead in his home on the city’s south side Sunday evening by Metro Police responding to a telephone call, Lt. Wayne Peterson said Monday. Two other persons were in the home at the time.

Officers responding to the call after 6 p.m. found Halpern dead of “an obvious self-inflicted gunshot wound,” said Peterson, of the homicide department.