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Dana White swears to the MMA Gods that Silva / Jones will happen

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After a long day of filming TUF: Jones vs Sonnen, Dana White sat down to do a live ustream chat via the twitters. It’s a 2.0 technology synergization of momentous proportions! The whole thing was pretty amusing as Dana White seemed a little tired / cranky, and the negative questions (‘chirping’ as Dana called it) didn’t improve his mood much.  But on the positive end of the spectrum, when asked if Jon Jones and Anderson Silva would fight…

“Hell yes they will. I guarantee you that fight will absolutely happen”

He reiterated that answer several times over as twitter people continued to ask him variations on “But no really, are you going to make that fight?” Regarding another superfight, Dana found himself in the interesting position of defending Georges St Pierre vs Anderson Silva as relevant:

“It’s crazy because a lot of people believe that Jon Jones should be fighting at heavyweight, so to say GSP vs Anderson Silva doesn’t make sense … doesn’t make sense. The cool thing about it is those are the top 3 pound for pound fighters in the world and the greatest fighter of all time and the number 1 pound for pound fighter falls right in the middle. So he can fight Georges St Pierre and he can fight Jon Jones. They both make sense. I’m sorry. You’re wrong.”

You can tell who’s lost a little bit of their luster after a year off and several decision victories. If Georges comes back and struggles against both ring rust and a very game Carlos Condit, that’ll pretty much put the kaibosh on a lot of peoples appetite for that particular superfight. Well, snooty chirping MMA peoples appetites anyways. The casual MMA fan will still blow donkey loads over it the moment it’s announced. Personally, I’ll just be excited that the top guys aren’t facing Bonnars, Belforts, or Sonnens.