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Dana White softens his anti-Barnett stance

Right up until the UFC bought Strikeforce, Dana White and Josh Barnett hated eachother’s guts. Once the purchase went through, White extended an olive branch of sorts by not insta-firing everyone on the roster who had crossed him in the past – Barnett and Paul Daley sitting at the top of that list. From there it seems to have allowed room for reconcilliation, and now another guy Dana promised would never see the inside of the Octagon again will probably be welcomed back:

“The way that Showtime wants to do it is when that fight finally happens, whoever wins it, they wanna do another fight on Showtime, so that guy would probably come to the UFC. We’ll see what happens, you know? Josh and I have been playing nice with each other for a little while, since he got into the UFC. It’s more than just, ‘Does he win? Does he do this?’ You gotta be able to come to terms with the guy and be able to deal with him. If he wins the fight, I can’t see why he wouldn’t come here, unless we weren’t able to make a deal with him.”

Understandably, Dana White may be slightly more skittish about trusting people like Josh Barnett after what happened to him yesterday. In some ways, Dana’s hate is just a rough exterior designed to keep him from being hurt. Deep down inside he’s a PRIDE fanboy who’s scarred by rank betrayal and from trying to kick the Fedor football so many times. Why do his fighters always break his heart?