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Dana White sees the light

Right now, the devil is trying to make sure his balls don’t freeze off. Why? Well, maybe it has something to do with the fact that Dana White is actually talking about trying out female MMA in the WEC. Hell is about to freeze over, mother fuckers.

There are still a lot of haters out there that have nothing but contempt for female MMA, but I’ve never really understood why. Women are able to knock each other around just as good as the men, and as evidence in EliteXc’s past event, their fights were show stealers. People always say that fighters who are hungry always give a better show. Well, think about how hungry women are to prove that they belong in this sport. A fight is a fight, and as long as two opponents are of high caliber and are similarly skilled, it’ll always be a good performance.

Female MMA and the WEC is a marriage made in heaven. I’ll admit that the pool of women’s MMA is still growing, but if they can find a home with the stellar organization, it will only grow and improve. It’s an exciting prospect, and I’m fucking giddy as a schoolgirl just thinking about it. Let’s just hope this doesn’t devolve into mud wrestling matches or something. Sure it’s hot, but damn is it just wrong…