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Dana White says stuff

Dana White was on the Dave Carmichael radio show earlier this week and as usual he dropped a whole bunch of science. Past the standard evade / evade / open ended answers, there were a few nuggets of info worth commenting on:

Andy Arlovski : Said he doesn’t see Arlovski fighting anywhere else. Translation: even after his contract expires, we have exclusive right of negotiation until the Age of Aquarius.

Quinton Jackson : once again said he’s got “big plans” for Quinton. Of course, compared to the ‘lets treat him like a pregnant daughter in the 30’s and hide him away from decent people’s sight’ treatment he’s been getting lately, “big plans” could just mean they’re going to book him for a fight or some junk. More on this later today @ (cue Entertainment tonight music, fade to commercials)

TUF7 : Dana White says they’re shaking the format up and people are gonna be blown away by next season. He repeats this mantra several times before saying “And I’m not just hyping this up”. My bet is they’re bringing Joe Rogan in to feed the fighters cow balls and rat eyes.

Rounds : Dana wants 5×5 rounds for normal bouts and 7×5 for championship bouts. This is a terrible fucking idea … the idea of a 7×5 Sherk bout scares me worse than the prospect of nuclear armageddon.

WEC vs UFC : Dana says this could definately happen. Lets hope that the featherweight and bantamweight champs get to team up and fight the UFC heavyweight champ tag team stylez.

For those of you who don’t trust me not to inform you of all the relevant shit, you can get more details from Sam Caplan’s ugly proelite site, as well as the actual audio for the interview.

  • jd says:

    Big plans for Quinton Jackson aren’t going to be revealed until after the Silva/Liddell fight. If Silva wins, he’ll fight Quinton.

  • Jeremy (not that Jeremy) says:

    5×5 for regular bouts…didn’t he just poo-poo this idea on the conference call earlier this week?

    Unless they went to five hour PPVs, I can’t see this happening. Well, or they could only do championship bouts on network television, and fill an entire hour…naaaaah.

  • Accomando says:

    “…Dana wants 5×5 rounds for normal bouts and 7×5 for championship bouts…”

    Stupid, stupid idea.

    At least Dana White doesn’t always get what he wants. (HBO, Fedor, hair, ect.)

  • 5×5 rounds for normal fights would be terrible in my opinion. It’s the length of boxing matches that makes me not watch anything but important title fights, and even then by round 8 you know it’s going to a decision. Keep it short, let the guys know they have 3 rounds to finish the fight so they can really go all out.

  • stellar53 says:

    7X5 is too long….I think 5X5 would be great for high profile fights though instead of just being for titles…..

    All in all this was his opinion and he said that the mma bodies that we all know and love would never let it happen….

  • Schifftis says:

    i always thought if you drop the round to 4 minutes, then you could go with 5 rounds and 7 rounds.. so the total time in a regular fight would go from 15 to 20, and a championship fight 25 to 28. I also think 5 rounds in a regular fight would help with some of the fucked up decisions, because I think part of the issue is that when you go on the 10 point must system 3 rounds is too small a sample.. add 2 more rounds would allow the better fighter to prevail more often..

    although in this scenario i would worry that 4 min rounds is not long enough..

  • Darkie says:

    I think the 5×5 and 7×5 would be good if they also whip out the yellow cards. The more fights to don’t go to the judges the better.

  • Schifftis makes a very good point … more rounds = a much wider judge scoring situation. Hmmmmm

  • igorpunck says:

    “…Dana wants 5×5 rounds for normal bouts and 7×5 for championship bouts…”
    horrible idea, that means we’ll see only 3 fights on PPV if all of them go to distance. The fights will be boring as hell. Not a single fighter wants to be exhausted in the 6th round, so they’ll just take it easy, very fucking easy.

    Dana has some weired plans lately, next thing you know he’ll be wearing tin foil hat and cleanex boxes on his feet.

  • Matt says:

    5×5 should be for titles and main events for cards that don’t have title fights.

  • LR says:

    5 rounds for title and main event fights, get the commissions to consider changing the rule for main events matches, that’s it. No 5 rounds for regular fights, simply retarded.

  • Beastieboy says:

    5 round non title fights would be crap. When I have a project that needs to be finished by Friday, guess when I start working on it? Right, Thursday night. Also the refs could do a much better job within the 3 rounds of controlling the action. If anything that’s what 78 taught us.

  • Schifftis says:

    WEC vs UFC

    Will Dana claim that Jens is a UFC guy? Will he allow Silva fight Paulo Filho? Is Paulo even willing to fight Silva since he ain’t no slut bitch?

  • Asa says:

    The Darkie and I are in agreement: Yellow Cards!

  • dignan says:

    They bought Pride, so adopt the 1 10 minute round, 2 5 minute rounds. AWESOME.

    The best TUF 7 situation would be if Rogan was one of the fighters in the series. Fuck that would rule, watching him take a beating.

  • Xavier says:

    “Rounds : Dana wants 5×5 rounds for normal bouts and 7×5 for championship bouts. This is a terrible fucking idea … the idea of a 7×5 Sherk bout scares me worse than the prospect of nuclear armageddon.”

    Fuck that, no title fights would go to scorecards. Nobody has the cardio to go seven rounds in modern MMA. All title fights will end up finishing one way or the other.

    If they were to do that, they’d have to go to four hour PPV’s however. Wouldn’t be enough fights otherwise.

  • RL Dookiefuck says:


    learn to spell definitely fightlinker damn


  • Mobb Deep says:

    Fuck that, the time-limit for rounds are fine the way they are.

  • andres says:

    And no one noticed the tag team fights omg dumbasses that would be so fuckin sick faver and jens vs. Tim silva
    Finaly silva in an exciteing fight