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Dana White rallies the media for 3pm announcement

Sorry for the slow start guys … I totally doinked my sleep schedule over the weekend. No, nothing fun. Mainly watching bad movies and reading Wikipedia. I’m a fucking wild man. Anyways, it looks like I haven’t missed much – but that doesn’t mean things aren’t happening today!

Dana White’s holding a media conference call today at 3pm EST. This is past his standard goofy announcements on Spike. Those are meant to appeal to the fans. But when they invite the media it’s because it’s a big deal and they want it spread as far and as wide as possible.

The most obvious reason for this call would be to announce all that Randy Couture goodness that was brewing over the weekend. So hold your breath and give a few extra prayers to the retarded deity of your choice that we get Randy AND Fedor today. That’d be like Christmas coming twice, and then finding out that the Santas from each Christmas are gonna fight. Awesome.