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Dana White puts the kaibosh on unwanted superfight

Superfight fever is spreading through the UFC – a bunch of champions are pushing hard for the opportunity to move up or down to challenge for more belts. Unfortunately, it’s not always the champs fans wanna see – I’m looking at you, Georges St Pierre. Instead, news came out around the same time that Jose Aldo got his featherweight vs lightweight champ superticket punched that Benson Henderson was also looking up a weightclass at GSP. Dana White shot that down on UFC Tonight:

“It’s not going to happen. Benson just won that title not too long ago, there are plenty of guys in the 155-pound division to defend the title against, and there’s a possible fight with Aldo if Aldo moves up and stays at 155.”

Plus there’s the small fact that no one is clamoring to see Bendo vs GSP. Hell, at this point a lot of casual fans probably aren’t even aware that he’s the champ rather than Frankie Edgar. In short, if you’re gonna ask for a fight like that, it better make sense. Or you better have some leverage like Jose Aldo did.

This is only gonna happen more and more. Fighters have smartened up to the idea that one or two big money fights can set them up for the rest of their lives. So why wouldn’t Benson Henderson try to angle himself towards a superfight? He’s liable to make several times more money than he normally would. This is the same reason all those contenders at welterweight and featherweight are freaking out – the money difference between grinding it out in regular fights versus championship matches is huge.

Financially, it makes good sense for them to bitch and complain and sit out and wait if they can and pull all sorts of other stunts to try and get their way. And that’s not a good thing. You can see Dana White already trying to rein things in, but the bar will continue to drop in terms of who can successfully get away with this kinda stuff. Before it was just Anderson. Now Jose Aldo just successfully pulled it off. I wonder which champion is going to be made an example of when they overstep their boundaries?