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Dana White oversaw UFC Macau from his Vegas death star

The North American Octagon Girls didn’t make it out to last weekend’s UFC Macau – instead, they were replaced by some hot Asian chicks who looked a whole lot like Arianny and Logan. That leads me to assume that while Dana White wasn’t at the event either, they had a bald Chinese guy sitting in his regular seat. Does that mean Dana was completely absent? Nope:

The situation actually provided White and the UFC the opportunity to see how the promotion would function if he simply can’t attend an event, whether it be due to his Meniere’s disease or matters of business that require his attendance.

The UFC basically set up a command center for White, akin to a television production truck.

Contrary to popular belief, White is not just a talking head for the UFC. He is extremely hands-on in many areas, but particularly so in production. Having a command center in Las Vegas that gives him a direct line to the crews on-site – in this case in China – worked seamlessly.

White was able to give all the input that he usually does for every UFC event just as if he were on location at the event site. He was simply able to do what he needed to do from Las Vegas and still handle other orders of business that would have been impossible had he made the trip to China in person.

Heaven forbid he start separating himself from the nitty gritty of production and day to day operations. The day Dana’s heart explodes, there’s going to be a lot of people at UFC headquarters not knowing what to do without his entire arm jammed up their asses. But maybe this whole ‘production truck’ command center talk is overblown. I bet Dana doesn’t get FUEL TV either, and it was just easier to set things up like this than change his cable provider.