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Dana White on ProElite’s death

After watching this video, Jake and I had a serious discussion on if Dana White talked more smack than we do. We determined that while Dana is pretty damned good at shit talking, his ability to shock and awe is based on the fact that he’s the president of a multi-million dollar company. You just don’t have too many guys up there saying hardcore shit like this to the public.

It’s kinda like hearing your mom say ‘fuck’. It’s much different than hearing anyone else say it. And if you happen to have a mom that says fuck all the time … that’s classy. Dana White levels of classy.

**UPDATE** For all those who bitch at me for constantly mixing up the Thiagos … well, DANA DOES IT TOO. Although wouldn’t it be wicked if Koscheck showed up and really did have to fight Thiago Silva?