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Dana White, Like Most People, Doesn’t Know Who Floyd Mayweather Is Fighting

I know hardcore boxing fans that don’t shit on MMA, and I admire them – they’ve watched their sport be bastardized by crooks, demeaned and defaced by lunatics and rapists, passed on by the younger crowd in favor of MMA and still they follow it religiously.  Those fans know that Juan Manuel Marquez is no joke and that he’s fighting Floyd Mayweather on September 19th, the same evening as UFC 103: Franklin v Belfort.  In fact, the fight takes on even more meaning when you consider that a loss for Pretty Boy Floyd would completely fuck up a potential megafight against Manny Pacquio.

Dana White knows that Floyd is coming back, and he DAMN sure is aware of the date.  He does, however, appear to be a little fuzzy on PFB’s opponent. Here’s a bit of a transcript from the above video he put up a few days ago:

“Boxing is doing it to you again,” White said. “They’re giving you the fight that you don’t want. Nobody asked for this fight with Mayw eather and … what’s his name? What’s his name? Nobody even knows. Nobody in this room even knows who Floyd’s fighting.

” … On that same night, on that UFC card, you guys can all tune in and you can watch not one fight, you guys can watch five great fights that night for ten dollars less than what Floyd wants you to pay to see him run around in circles, and lay on the ropes, and move around and not fight.”

This is the latest bit of dueling banjos going on between the UFC and boxing over who will reign supreme next weekend: UFC 103 or Mayweather / What’s his name. I don’t know what Dana’s little routine is supposed to do (other than maybe goad crazy old dudes like Bob Arum into saying some pretty outlandish shit), but I’ll file it away as something enjoyable since I hate Floyd Mayweather. Speaking of hating Floyd Mayweather, so does Miguel Torres. Here’s how Miguel responded to Floyd’s latest round of talking shit about MMA fighters:

“I’d be the first one at my weight class to say I’d fight Mayweather, anywhere, any way he wants. If he hears this, whatever he wants to do,” stated Torres. “We can even do modified kind of rules, we can box for three rounds, do kickboxing for three rounds, and then fight MMA for three rounds. I would even do something like that so he could have a little more confidence.”