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Dana White on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

Dana White was on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon yesterday and if you can stand Jimmy Fallon then you can hear Dana talk twitter, the Microsoft CEO Summit he attended last week, Rampage vs Rashad, and UFC 2010. Jimmy Fallon … well, Jimmy doesn’t do much other than nod his head, repeat what Dana says, and add “Wow, gosh, cool, that’s interesting!”

It’s not so much that I can’t stand Fallon, it’s that I can’t stand the idea of someone as terrible as him getting a job like the Late Night gig. Damnit, I know broadcast networks have run late night talk television into the ground, but Fallon is a new low. Johnny Carson would be rolling in his grave if he wasn’t all rolled out from everything Leno has subjected us to over the past year.