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Dana white jinxed Chuck vs Wanderlei

I’m not really the kind of guy to usually say “I told you so”. Wait, what the fuck is that? I’m totally the kind of guy to do that. I do the “I’m right” dance … I rub my rightness in people’s faces. I fucking love being right.

But today I don’t love it, no sir I do not one bit. For now I was right about Dana White jinxing the main event by promising Chuck vs Wanderlei if Chuck won. So of course Chuck didn’t win, and now here’s what’s being said:

“It’s just not meant to happen,” said White, who talked about a conversation with Silva as the fight was going on, and telling Silva that he thought Jardine was going to win the fight. He noted Silva was in complete denial, seeing huge dollar signs fly out the window.

Okay, W T F. One part of my brain understands that you can’t just match these two guys up at this point in their careers without potentially ruining one of them. But the other part of my brain says “Who fucking cares, you’re running out of time! Do it now before it’s too late”. Finally, my entire brain is blaming Dana for the overscheduling that ‘forced’ him to stick Chuck in a pointless fight against a washed up TUF fighter like Keith Jardine.

Yes, it’s Chuck Liddell’s own fault that he lost. But it’s Dana White’s fault that he put Chuck against an opponent where there’s no upside for winning. Dana White talked about ‘Chuck not having the fire anymore’, but how hard is it to get that fire when the fight you’re training for is just filler? It’s a known fact that you give a guy a squash match and they’re not going to train as hard or care as much as if you’re giving them a shot at the title or something. How was Chuck supposed to give a shit about his fight with Jardine when even the newest of TUF noobs didn’t?

Here’s the fucking deal Dana: you want Chuck to show if he still has the fire? Book him against Wanderlei Silva. Chuck has been fighting whoever the UFC puts in front of him for years now, but the only guy he’s really wanted to beat is Wanderlei. And now because Pride fucked up by putting Silva against Dan Henderson, and you fucked up by putting Chuck against Jardine, it seems only decent that you fix both mistakes by finally booking these guys against eachother.

  • Matt says:

    Chuck’s thinking about retiring after a loss to Jardine so what’s the diff. if he retires after a loss to Wand? I duno either, but atleast after the fight w/ Silva he can retire on a fat payday.

  • shanaconda says:

    I agree completely. Forget about how it could have been, just put the fight together before anyone gets more tarnished than they are. Do It Now.

  • marshal says:

    To beat Chuck:
    1.don’t get caught with his hands. his short storms.
    Jardine performed this flawlessly in turn making Chuck look like a chump. Chuck is at the same difficulty level he’s been at for years.

  • dignan says:

    I think Randy and Xtreme Couture had as much to do with Chuck’s loss as anything else. Jardine actually stuck to his awkward gameplan, and gave some serious punishment to Chuck’s left leg and left side. I bet he wished he had done a few more side-bends and situps at the end of that fight.

    I don’t think Chuck looked that worse for wear by the end of the fight, but I’ll bet he wasn’t walking around very well the next morning.

  • matt says:

    I want to fuck chuck

  • Fred says:

    I agree 100%, Fightlinker. Better now than never. Conditions will never be ideal for it, so just DO it.

  • Matt says:

    If you watch Jardines post-fight interview he states the kicks were not in his game plan but Chuck wasn’t checking them so he kept throwing.. I don’t think Randy had anything to do w/ Jardines win.. Give Jacksons academy the credit. He did wear the Affliction shirt to the ring but who doesn’t now a days.

  • guy says:

    Dana needs to take his bald ass out of his head. Book the fucking fight man. Everyone wants to see it. Nobody cares if Chuck lost or Wandy lost their last two fights. These guys want to kill each other. As a bonus, Wandy wants to fuck Chuck. Seeing Chuck fight off his advances is worth the price of admission. Let them do it now. Dana, if you don’t you will regret this for the rest of your life. The fact is your just as much of a fight geek as the rest of us. But, you have the power to make these geek dream matches happen. Don’s be a pussy dana.

    I ask are you a fucking fight promoter. This is your fucking chance boy.

  • Jemaleddin says:

    I hear Chuck also wants a pony – should Dana give him that?

    Fuck what Chuck wants. If the fans want to see that fight, then the job of the promoter is to give it to them. And if Chuck has shown the fans that he’s a washed up kick-boxer that can’t compete against anyone but pure wrestlers, then let’s see who else the fans want to fight Wanderlei.

  • dignan says:

    After Jardine wore the shirt, I thought he was training with Couture…which didn’t make sense at the time since they didn’t mention Randy’s camp the whole fight…


    Chuck doesn’t deserve shit anymore, and who gives a care if he fights Wandy after losing to Rampage and Jardine. Let him go back to drawing board, and fight his way back up.

    Fights I want to see now:

    Fedor vs. Randy
    Barnett vs. Randy
    Rampage vs. Randy
    Barnett vs. Anyone

    I also want to see Nick Diaz back in the UFC to whoop some shit up. I just love that guy.

  • My brother was up watching UFC76 with us and he kept asking ‘What ever happened to Nick Diaz?’

  • Thomas says:

    damn I kept getting the Nick Diaz question too from my dumb pro-wrestling friends

  • dignan says:

    I just read Nicks been in a hospital in Vegas since he arrived there afte rhis fight, with a wicked Staph infection.

  • Matt says:

    Yeah I read that too.. Excuse accepted!

  • Ted Dibiase says:

    dana is a moron and chuck is a pussy if he retires.

    dana brought chuck to pride to get this matchup.

    so now he’d rather make a few bucks promoting another TUF loser and compromise this dream fight? retarded

    chuck is a dumbass for not shooting whenever someone repeatedly throws kicks at him. either hes not a well rounded fighter, or hes just stupid as hell.

    thanks dana. everyone wanted to see chuck fight jardine. thats what has been on our minds from day one.

    now when do we get to see Rampage fight Andy Wang?

  • jazzn says:

    I think you’re right Fightlicker.. he had a hard time taking the fight seriously – couldn’t get up for it.. but hell that is no one’s fault but his. I’m sure Dana is going “WTF did I do that for??”


  • dignan says:

    Chuck should be asking:

    “How the fuck did Keith Jardine just beat me up? I guess I am not as good as everyone tells me I am, and should just pack it in, or grow my hair out and fight one of the female MMA fighters.”

  • Frank Costello says:

    I had the weirdest of thoughts. Pull a page out of pro wrestling and have a “I Quit/Retire” match with Crocop and Liddell, two guys that both have lost that dominating fire after two straight losses and are both contemplating retirement anyways.

    Ok, ok, maybe it isn’t such a good idea. But still, Dana White’s always said he wanted to model UFC on WWE’s business model. Have Brock Lesnar do a run in with a steel chair, and BAM, instant ratings!

  • walt says:

    Chuck wanted to show everyone that he was still the man by knocking Jardine out and by getting set to punch hard he made himself a magnet for kicks, also he never used any angles to attack through out the fight,, he simply stood set in front of Jardine, all the while Jardine was giving him different angles and banging while moving in and out,, Chuck was always in the same spot, so much so that Jardine didn’t even have to look at Chuck to know where he’d be to hit,, that way Jardine could keep his chin tucked in while he banged him,, Chuck was a kick boxer, so why didn’t he sneak in a “kick” or two once and a while,,? If a fighter has only one discipline to rely on, then he’s handicapped, no matter how good he is at it,, At this time, It looks like that’s the case with Chuck and Mirko, both of them want to avoid the ground,, Hopefully both of them still have the desire and drive to work on bettering their abilities,, Not only are they are two great fighters, but also two fine human beings, they’re “right” people,,
    Stay happy,