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Dana White is articulate

Someone get this guy a thesaurus! Big thanks to BloodyElbow for this vid … where would I steal content if not from them????

  • Lifer says:

    this is fucking hilarious. poor yellow peril.

  • Tommy says:

    That shit is fucking hilarious. Wanna be a fucking fighter mother fucker!

  • Mr. Theplague says:

    Fuckity fuck fuck. I love that little cut to Jens as White is cursing out Andy Wang.

  • Terrence Halladay says:

    LOL at dana white the pussy AKA dana white the tough guy:

    “Arlovski, who fights out of Chicago, is in a war of wills with UFC president Dana White. And as fierce as the 6-4, 240-pound Arlovski has been in the octagon at times, White is the toughest hombre in the UFC. You don’t take a nothing organization and build it into a Sports Illustrated cover story without being able to stare down formidable opponents.”

    i got that from:,CST-SPT-fite09.article

  • Xavier says:

    That video is exactly why Dana White rocks. You won’t see an asshole like Bud Selig be real like that, or David Stern. And you know Stern is sitting back cursing up a storm with the shit he’s just gone through. Dana might say some prickish shit you disagree with, but at least he gives it straight from his opinion.

  • fightfan says:

    Fuckin hilarious shit. Funniest motherfuckin shit I heard in a fuckin while. Couldnt stop fuckin laughing.

    Nice find.

  • I wouldn’t let my kid watch him but I think he’s entertaining as… well… entertaining as fuck! I think he’s perfect as the president for the UFC regardless of what people say about him. It’s my favorite thing to watch on TV (UFC) and I have to think that he had a little bit to do with the quality of the content (because going back and watching the same guys fighting in PRIDE is boring so it can’t be JUST the fighters that make it exciting but of course they have something to do with it).

    And OMG – guess what – I ALSO like Randy Couture!! WTF! How could that be possible??? How is it that I can like Dana AND Randy all at the same time??? Maybe the world is about to end or something. I just think it IS possible to think Randy’s argument about Dana is right or wrong and STILL not hate the other party in EVERYTHING they do.

  • As my friend said, the pep-talk from White to Wang is like having a conversation with R2D2!

  • dignan says:

    I gotta admit, just because you curse like a fucking sailor doesn’t mean you’re not a smart guy…just an asshole.

  • operator says:

    hahahaha he swore like ten times in one sentence he is so real. I wish I could put the word fuck ten times in one sentence like him then I could be cool too. For a guy who is supose to be trying t clean up the image of mma he cusses like he came straight out of the trailor. Yeah I would sighn my name on the dotted line. If I didn’t he would probly give me the DO YOU WANNA BE A FUCKIN FIGHTER speech. I be he uses that one all the time.

  • Dru Down says:

    Xavier, really? I agree that the figureheads for other sports are way too stiff and scripted, but you can be real without going crazy with vulgarities- its more about being honest than about not censoring yourself.

    I honestly don’t know anyone who swears even close to as much as Dana White, regardless if he turns it up for the cameras. To mean it seems a little disrespectful to hurl that many vulgarities at someone, even if your aren’t directly insulting them.

  • intenso says:

    That’s just Dana bein’ Dana!!

  • Ason says:

    I must be low class because I like how Dana tells it like it t-i-is.

  • Terrence Halladay says:

    cuz saying the F WORD ten times is cool/funny? what are we, in like fifth grade?

  • Xavier says:

    “I honestly don’t know anyone who swears even close to as much as Dana White, regardless if he turns it up for the cameras. To mean it seems a little disrespectful to hurl that many vulgarities at someone, even if your aren’t directly insulting them.”

    I swear more than Dana White does. He doesn’t even swear at people 99% of the time, he uses them as emphasis much as many people do.

    The only people that consider such language “vulgar” are people that haven’t lived anything equating to a real life or haven’t dealt with the real “vulgarities” in life.

  • Matto says:

    I really need to know how you guys edit Xvid clips… It takes me ages to convert them into a format that Premiere can import.

    What program do you use? Is there a decent editing program that will import the various compression codecs straight off?

    Oh and, um, fuck.

  • Swedish guy says:

    At least White isn’t a pussy like Matt Hughes being almost all up in tears about Serra cussing at him on national TV. Big fuckin deal. Make him SHUT… HIS FAT… PIEHOLE, I say.

  • The Truth says:

    Dana White blows! He is a puss…where is the fight with Tito?

    He would get SPANKED!

  • operator says:

    I am not a fan of Matt Hughes but I would hardly call him a pussy. If Dana wasn’t Matts boss and Matt told him to tone the language down do you think Dana would tell him to go fuck himself I doubt it.

  • We didn’t put this vid together, but our vids are made with Sony Vegas.

  • marshal says:

    Dana White fucks Sony Vegas in it’s tight fucking ass bitch. GOD DAMMIT, GO FUCK YOURSELF! At least Dana doesn’t take the lords name in vain, he would quickly be dispatched Jesus Christ.

  • Swedish guy says:

    I don’t for a second get what ‘operator’ is talking about, but Matt Hughes IS a pussy for whining about cussing. It’s just… words. Big deal.