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Dana White hates US versus UK show

Seems like Dana White isn’t the biggest fan of the concept behind the next The Ultimate Fighter: US vs UK. Here are some quotes from the British tabloid The Sun (courtesy of fiveounces):

We put on a card one time, the USA v Canada, it was fucking retarded,” White continued. “I don’t care if you’re from the UK, Croatia or Brazil because at the end of the day, when Michael Bisping comes to America — Americans don’t boo him…”You either like the guy’s fighting style or personality — nationality has nothing to do with it…

Personally, I couldn’t agree more with that statement…except for the fact that he’s being fucking idealistic. I’ve seen too many fights with dumb Americans chanting “USA!USA!” whenever an American fighter was up against a “foreigner”. We all know that people can choose fighters based on skills rather than nationality, but who can deny that they have a soft spot for the hometown boys?

I can respect the fact that Dana is enough of a fan of MMA not to see nationaliy come into play. That’s admirable, but it’s not how a lot of other people see it. There’s a huge racist and xenophobic percentage of MMA fans out there that love the idea of beating up other nations. That’s the kind of moxy that fuels wars man!

What’s funny about this situation is just how impotent it makes Dana look. He’s throwing around his flaccid penis around, but it looks like Spike is calling the shots on this date. They must have found enough dirt and leverage not to do what Dana wants anymore, which makes me smile a bit. He is not as invincible as he once seemed.

Do i think a “country vs country” show is a stupid idea? Yes, it blows. But from a marketing point of view, it’s brilliant. The TUF formula is getting stale fast, and this shit might pump in some fresh needed blood into a dying TV show.

The decision to make it in Britain is the only real mistake. USA vs UK is terrible because nothng good seems to come out of that Britain (sorry UK fans, but you know it to be true). Now, if the show was “USA vs Brazil’, that would be some epic shit right there!