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Dana White extends “offer” to Kimbo

Here’s a neat clip over at Bloodyelbow, where Dana White is essentially calling out Kimbo, saying that the heavyweight would never make it on The Ultimate Fighter. He even jokes around that he might make a show based on the idea.

For Ferguson (I’m using his real name from now on, since I’m convinced that Kevin needs to fucking dump the Kimbo thing fast), it’s a lose/lose scenario. If Dana White is serious and Kimbo goes for it, the prize waiting for him at the end of that shit rainbow is a crummy “6 figure” contract, which is severely below the pay grade he was at previously (deserved or not, you try taking a fucking pay cut). He would be walking into a house where other heavyweights would know exactly how to defeat him. Even if he had worked on every aspect of his game, he’d be coming into the show with a target on his back. Every frustrated, roid raging fighter with a chip on his shoulder would go out of their way to fuck his shit up. Ever see that scene in Pulp Fiction with the gimp? It’s pretty much like that.

To be honest, I don’t know what’s in store for Kimbo. He’s already made his money, and if he was honest with himself, I think he’d see that the golden ticket he was handed turned out to be just shinny foil. He’s got enough that if he’s smart, he never needs to fight again.   My advice to Kimbo: start you’re own cooking show and forget the fight business. You’re fucking done, dude.