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Dana White on everything

There are 1001 Dana quotes floating around the internet today, and many of them come from this set of two videos where Dana has reporters gather round so he can tell them some stories. Here are some excerpts from various transcripts on

…coming to new regions

“We put a lot into deciding where we’re going to go,” White said. “We don’t just (expletive) throw a dart on a wall, or like Strikeforce go ‘they went there so we’ll go there too!’ We don’t do that. We pull numbers on how we do on TV, how we do on pay-per-view, what they’re economy looks like, we look at a lot of different things before we go into a market.”

…Lyoto Machida’s new opponent

“I’m going to get together with Machida in the next couple of days, maybe Rampage,” said White on Saturday night following UFC 114.

…Nate Diaz getting suspended by Tennessee

“If he gets suspended we’re going to honor it,” said UFC president Dana White on Saturday following UFC 114.

“I didn’t hear that he was going to get suspended. I didn’t hear that, but if he does, it is what it is,” said White. “These things happen when you get in a fight like that.”

…Diego Sanchez at 170

“I’m not his manager, but I think he should stay at 55. Listen, this loss to B.J. Penn doesn’t mean you go back up to 170, it means you stay at 55 and do what Kenny Florian did. Stay in there and you keep grinding it out, keep beating the top guys, and you get back in line and you work your way back to the top again,” said White.

“Diego does not look good at 170.”

That’s only a fraction of the stuff in there so if you want some Dana overload, watch these vids. The second part is after the jump.