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Dana White calls out Wanderlei Silva

What’s this? Another Ariel Helwani interview with Dana White? If they spend any more time together, Dana’s wife is going to start getting jealous. As usual, there were 101 things discussed but the most interesting part was towards the end when Ariel asked about Wanderlei Silva, who’s gotten kinda picky and choosy about who he’ll face in the Octagon lately.

First there was the situation in February where Wand basically ducked Brian Stann on account of some wonky ‘He’s a Real American Hero™ and people will hate me if we fight’ logic. Instead he’s been pushing a fight with Chris Leben, going so far as to announce it in a twitter message a few days ago. So is Dana interested in that fight?

Ariel: You were bombarded by Wand fans because he thew up the idea of fighting Chris Leben. It was crazy, everyone talking about it. Is that fight happening or is that the fight that just whatt Wanderlei wants?

Dana: No that’s what Wanderlei wants. That’s not the fight we want for Wanderlei. We want Vitor Belfort. Wanderlei vs Vitor. That’s the fight I want. Wanderlei knows I want that fight. Vitor is ready to roll.

Ariel: Does Wanderlei not want it?

Dana: I don’t know. Let’s find out. Run and tweet that, homeboy.

Sounds to me like Dana White just called Wand out on trying to pick his opponents. It’s not all that surprising considering the pressure he put on trying to get that Stann fight to happen. At least this time Dana’s suggesting a fight more interesting than the Leben one. Well, it is for me since I’m a fat old dude who still gets excited about crap that happened in 1998. For TUF noobs, I dunno. Still, Wanderlei Silva did call out ‘The Phenom’ after the Silva fight, and when you do that you better be ready to back it up.