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Dana White and James Toney talk business

Here’s footage of the sitdown between Dana White and boxer James Toney after UFC 108, and you get a nice little slice of how volatile / crazy / clueless Toney is. He bristles over questions about his wrestling ability, his weight, and pretty much every other relevant question Dana White tries to ask. Dana White has the decency to admit the fight would be a freakshow, but that doesn’t sound like it’s stopping him from saying he’s interested in the fight.

Whether or not that means something will come together is a whole other story. Just from this 4 minute clip Toney seems like the standard unreasonable boxing type that’s going to throw a bajillion unreasonable demands into the deal, and with White saying he’s passed up requests from Evander freaking Holyfield, I don’t think he’s going to bend over backwards to make a fight happen.