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Dana White almosts barfs

Tatame has a new interview with Lyoto Machida (kindly translated by sherdogger Kawauchi) where Machida talks about his fight with Tito Ortiz and Dana White’s reaction to his performance:

Tatame: Anything happened behind the scenes of UFC? Dana White was having problems with Ortiz … He mentioned something about your victory?

Lyoto: He said he liked a lot. I said I did my best and he said he was happy. He also said that almost vomit when Tito put that triangle, but it was getting better when he saws that I was escaping. It was a fight of much emotion, had a great responsibility upon me. About 30 minutes before the fight Dana White was in my locker room and greeted me, said he was eager. I had much pressure. Despite being out of his fight with Ortiz, I was indirectly involved. I felt he was cheer much for me, but I knew that the public was to Tito. I was booed at the end.

For all my naked hatred of Machida’s fighting style, there’s very little to hate about him as a person- well, past him being a bit bland. But even Machida realizes that he is what he is and that it might be pretty difficult to market him as a champion:

Tatame: Many American critics consider you a great fighter, but that would not be as good marketing, if win the belt. What do you think this?

Lyoto: I agree, those guys really are right. Wanderlei, for example, is an experienced and has an aggressive and marketable style. This is a guy who calls the matches for him, calls the fight, causes and have that part, but I can not change my style. I can compensate in another way, with my technique and my life story, the family, that really is true. I know that could be better in that part, but I can not change my style. I can try to improve technically and be more aggressive. I know that, showing my work, I will have that opportunity to fight for the belt.

  • john says:

    your a fucking idiot, he’s gonna take the belt easy
    war machida

  • x_x says:

    did u just say “war machida” your the idiot dude.go fuck yourself fag

  • Jemaleddin says:

    I’m hoping that the belt eludes him.

  • Damn, you destroyed my argument on his chances of winning the belt! Oh wait….

  • jakey says:

    imagine machida v machida cage fighting would look like a no contact sport

  • jakey says:

    imagine machida v machida – cage fighting would look like a no contact sport

  • garth says:

    new site name:

  • jakey says:

    sorry for the echo there

  • Thats what Jenna says to Tito….

  • Vee says:

    Hey Royce Gracie found a cool word to replace “elusive” . . . its strategy (with a heavy accent).
    ——- Which of the new generation of fighters do you enjoy watching?

    Gracie: Who? (pauses) Man, the last two fights that I saw and I watched and I told everybody, “that was a school on strategy” was Lyoto Machida against Tito Ortiz and BJ Penn when he fought in the same UFC. Man that was a school in strategy. Both of them! BJ Penn and Lyoto man. The fighters that they fought, they’re very tough, they’re very good, they’ve been in the top game for a while but those two just pulled out strategy man. A lot of people don’t use strategy, they just come in and duke it out, be a tough… But those two on that night they showed strategy. That was a school in strategy right there. I appreciate that.

  • Exclusive fotage of Anderson Silva training with Machida.
    Notice how elusive Machida is (blue shorts)

  • fightfan says:

    Machida says

    “He also said that almost vomit when Tito put that triangle, but it was getting better when he saws that I was escaping.”

    Funniest thing I read all day. “almost vomit when Tito put triangle”. Priceless!!!

  • Machidalinker has a nice ring to it
    But everytime you try to click a link it moves

  • MJC_123 says:

    “Hattori Hanzo Gracie
    Thats what Jenna says to Tito….”
    Best line of the year so far…
    As for Machida, screw all this MMA purist bullshit, he is a boring as f**k to watch.

  • Beau says:

    I think a fight between him and Wandy or Rampage would be exciting. He needs someone who can actually close the distance and take him down. Tito sucks.

  • Jersey Tomato says:

    The Machida hating going on here is getting to be a bit much. Lyoto is a serious threat to anyone in the LHW division, whether you like his fighting style or not. Check out his previous fight against Stephen Bonner from a few years ago (see below link). Machida may not be aggressive with his striking, but he is amazingly accurate (as Bonner can attest). I, for one, appreciate the karate style he brings into the octagon as it is a martial art form that is under-represented in MMA. Say what you will, Lyoto’s “awkward style” is confounding his opponents and allowing him to dictate the pace — and isn’t that what we are told the better fighters are able to do? To make the other guy fight your fight. If Lyoto’s opponents don’t like the “hit and run” style, then they better find a way to impose their fight game on him. Until then, you can all keep on hating as Lyoto continues to rack up the W’s.

  • fightfan says:

    I have watched that Bonnar fight so many times. And it never gets old. He put a beating on Bonnar. It is going to take Machida to KO someone(a contender like Wand or Thiago or Rampage) with a highlight reel punch/kick…..Then everyone will be on his ass

  • smoogleton says:

    You should rename this site to UG Linker

  • I find Machida incredibly boring but I watch just to see if anyone can figure him out. Even though hes a standing version of laynpray I respect his skills.

  • Jersey Tomato says:

    I think would be even better.

  • Many have forgotten than Machida was scheduled to face Forrest Griffin last year but the bout was scraped due to Griffin being injured. Would he be facing Rampage if he fought Machida