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Dana White ain’t talkin bout Strikeforce

UFC 153 was such an exciting and spectacular event that it almost overshadowed the continued failure and potential death of Zuffa’s redheaded step-child Strikeforce. But in between repeated questions about superfights that are probably never going to happen, a few reporters managed to ask wassup with the promotion and the 75 fighters trapped within it. Unfortunately for us, Dana White had already publicly disowned Strikeforce months ago so it wasn’t too difficult for him to dodge questions. During a post event media scrum he said “If I start talking about this, things will be real bad.” and then when pressed on the issue by Ariel Helwani…

“It’s not my place to talk about. Showtime. Well, if they’re not talking about it, I’m not talking about it. I’m not involved in that bullshit. … Rumors all start somewhere. Did you hear that from me? I didn’t start that fucking rumor. … [When asked who can be talked to] Call Lorenzo. Give him a buzz.”

I’m sure Scott Coker is in the basement of Zuffa HQ this morning cradling his red swingline stapler and being thankful his name didn’t come up. Meanwhile, Lorenzo Fertitta is probably hunting homeless people with the Sultan of Oman for the next two weeks. Or at least that’s what his secretary is gonna tell people.