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Dana wants to ‘Liddell’ Wanderlei Silva

Who’d have thunk that after UFC 132 it’d be Wanderlei Silva and not Tito Ortiz that was being forced into retirement? It took all of 30 seconds and several Chris Leben uppercuts for Wand’s future to go from the 10 fights he thinks he has left in him to the 0 Dana White sees:

“People love him so much because of the way he fights and his style and the type of person he is,” White said. “But yeah, (it’s) probably the end of the road for Wanderlei.”

“People knew that [Silva] and Leben were going to come out and they were going to throw until somebody fell down, and it was Wanderlei tonight,” White said.

“I think it’s one of those ones where I’d like to sit down and talk to him and kind of Chuck Liddell him into it,” White told ( “I think the guy has nothing left to prove.

“He’s a warrior. People love him all over the world, and I just don’t want to see that happen to him anymore.”

It’s like Joe Rogan said on Saturday night: Live by the sword, die by the sword. Wanderlei demanded a fight with Chris Leben, a middle of the road fighter who’s famous for taking bombs and delivering them right back. Not the smartest career move in retrospect. Maybe if Silva had managed to eat a few more of them before going face down ass up, we wouldn’t be having this conversation. Maybe we would. If it was Vitor Belfort that had knocked him out, would we be talking? If Wand got bitched out the same way Anderson bitched out Vitor, would we be talking retirement then?

The assumption here is that Wanderlei’s chin is done, but it didn’t fail him when he fought Rich Franklin or Michael Bisping. It failed against Chris Leben, who enters some sort of strange knockout Nirvana when stunned and owes his continued existance in the UFC to this uncanny ability. We knew someone was gonna go down in this fight. Now we’re talking like Wand is 100% done because he was the guy that fell. It’s totally just the PRIDE fanboy in me hanging on dem nuts, but that doesn’t seem right. Axe murderer 4ever!

  • Redping says:

    yeah the list of people who’ve KO’d him is still Hendo, cro cop, rampage and now chris leben. All people with massive KO ability. Leben said in an interview that Wanderlei hurt him with a punch and it’s the worst thing you can do, and yeah really this was the perfect fight for chris leben, and this time he didn’t eat any gummi bears

  • glassjawsh says:

    hang it up wand that was awful

  • Mixed Martial Adam says:

    My only issue is that it isn’t good for Wanderlei’s brain to keep on getting punched after suffering four serious concussions (not to mention all the times the dude has been KO’d in training). I totally agree that he still has fight left in him, but due to his style (being smashed in the face to smash back) is that the healthiest choice for his continued existence as a functioning human? Sure, the only people to KO him hit like freight trains, but the damage was still done – he still got hit by a freight train four times. That’s not good for anybody, professional fighter or not.

    Now in regard to Saturday, any MW would have been dropped by those uppercuts (EVEN ANDERSON IF HE WAS SILLY ENOUGH TO TAKE THEM) but Wanderlei is the only fighter bold enough to stand toe to toe with Leben and trade clean shots. No one that has brawled like that with Leben has made it out conscious (Cote is the one exception but Chris hits a lot harder/cleaner now than he did then) and Wandy paid the price for trying it.

    I love The Axe Murderer and I want to see him fight again, but that’s only because I’m just like Wanderlei – not ready to let go.