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Dana: Title shots trump friendships

I think I’ve watched so many Dana White video blogs that I forgot what a cocksucker he could be:

Jardine has repeatedly and publicly said he will not fight Rashad Evans, his teammate at Jackson’s MMA and current UFC light heavyweight champion.

But at the pre-fight Q & A for UFC 96, president Dana White made it clear he wouldn’t tolerate any impasse in the light heavyweight ladder. Though it was clear there hasn’t been a formal sit-down yet, White said the bearded fighter would force his hand if he won against Quinton Jackson.

“Keith Jardine, for him, it will move him up in the ranks, when he will eventually have to fight Rashad Evans, if Rashad Evans keeps winning and he keeps winning,” said White. “He says they won’t, but I guarantee you they will, and we’ll be making the Rashad Evans/Keith Jardine fight.”

Here on display is Dana’s world famous tact. What exactly is the point of going out and saying this? Some lame “I call the shots, I’m the boss” thing? It’s not like there’s a big movement going on calling for Jardine to get a shot or anything. So why exactly is Dana white going out of his way to act like he owns these fighters and he’ll set up the fights he damn well pleases, friendships or no?