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Dana talks WEC, Nashville and scoring Penn/Edgar

They (Strikeforce) are going to go away. Showtime (messed) that whole thing up. They’ll go away. They’ll be off CBS and I won’t have to worry about them being so, you know, out in front. When something like that happens on CBS, people are going to hear about it.

If they end up staying with (crappy)-ass Showtime, 200,000 people see it. I can live with that. …

Dan Henderson. We butted heads with Dan Henderson. Dan Henderson thought he was worth more money than we thought he was, so he ended up leaving and going with Strikeforce. Dan Henderson, up until last week, I think it was last Thursday, which was a couple of days before they showed it, they had sold 4,000 tickets in Tennessee, with Dan Henderson headlining.

The Urijah Faber card versus Aldo had sold 10,000. This thing’s going to be a sellout over there in Arco (Arena).

The ratings on that (Strikeforce) show were (freaking) horrifying, just like the rest of the show. The ratings were as horrifying as the rest of it. …

Actually, that night, I hadn’t really scored it. I knew for a fact that Frankie won the third and the fifth, but I thought it was really close. Listen, if they’d have raised BJ’s hand and said BJ Penn, I wouldn’t have been shocked; it didn’t shock me when they raised Frankie’s. It was that close.

Read the entire USA Today interview here – arguably the best news here is that the WEC will probably wither and die one day, with the UFC picking up the 145 and 135 classes while pilfering their best 155ers. My boss has fretted extensively over the… well… the uselessness of the WEC’s position (that’s not inaccurate, is it? No firing plz) for a while now, but it looks like we may have a little good news on that front. Dana also goes on to essentially pick Cerrone and Henderson over Aoki – anyone wants to set that fight up and bet Shinya, lemme know.