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Dana talks to Sherdog

Dana White has a video interview with Sherdog that was kindly transcribed by the peeps at MMA Memories. Nothing mind-blowing or even very tittilating in there (what’s up with these dog days of Fall anyways? I feel like I’m in an interesting news Bermuda Triangle right now), but he does talk about the lack of main events lately, if he will ever retire, and how his company is different from most boxing promoters:

On the size of UFC as a company in comparison to other promoters and their operations: “It’s grown, you know, it’s gotten so much bigger and it’s so much more than what it was. You know, we’re more than just a fight company, we’re not like you know, most of these boxing promoters, when you think of a traditional boxing promoter, they’re a fucking secretary and a FAX machine, you know? This thing is, we’re more like a media company, you know, we own tons of content, we have the biggest fight library in the world, we’re the biggest fight promoters in the history of the fucking fight game, and you know this thing, we have huge global plans for this thing and yeah, it’s a different role than it was back in 2003.”