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Dana talks friends vs friends

It looks like Dana has finally decided to draw a line in the sand on teammates fighting eachother. It’s a very specific and unlikely line – Koscheck has to beat GSP and Fitch has to beat Alves (guess which is not happening) – but the line is drawn none the less. Here’s Jon Fitch commenting on the situation:

When asked about that, however, Fitch declined to answer directly, saying he was focused on the current task at hand, beating a healthy Alves.

“Everything in the future will be dealt with in the future,” he said.

He’s already said if Koscheck wins the title he’ll be a team player and move up to 185, and I can’t really see Dana White being able to force the fight then. But who knows … watching steam come out of White’s ears as he talks about the situation makes me think he’d use the fight as an opportunity to finally make two buddies fight eachother like in a bad action flick.