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Dana talks economy, dodges Werdum questions again

Dana White was on’s Fight Game, and wow … what terrible production values on this thing. The host can barely manage to get a sentence out without mangling it and half the time you can hear people talking in the background off camera. Still, I was kinda amused to see several bloggers asking Dana questions … I’m sure he loved that.

The whole video focused on the economy and what that means for the UFC. The good news / bad news is that ticket prices will go down, but PPV prices will not. I’m happy about this … Dana and the gang spent much of 2008 trying to set gate records across America and the UK and that’s just not the kind of shit you wanna keep doing during a recession.

Also mentioned is the fact that international expansion won’t be affected and no Zuffa employees or fighters will be let go on account of the economic downturn. One of the dudes from TriStateFighter asks if Werdum being released was on account of belt tightening and Dana basically dodged the question, confirming that Werdum was released but not explaining why.

This is something that’s annoyed me over the past few days: several people have asked Dana about Werdum but they just take Dana’s half-answer and move on. Everyone asking Dana about Werdum already knows that Werdum was cut. The real question is WHY he was cut. Someone needs to keep on Dana and make him explain why a dude one fight away from a title shot got ditched, and why it was done in such a way that the poor guy didn’t even know anything about it until after the press got a hold of the story.