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Dana sez

Dana White is back in action over in Nottingham and spittin out mad quotes on a cornucopia of fight news topics. Some highlights:

On Jon Jones: “It’s nothing horrible or I would have heard already.”

On Machida wanting to fight GSP: “Where the fuck did that come from?”

On the 205 pound division: “Everyone was looking for that number 1 contender spot and now no one wants to be the number one contender in the light heavyweight division.”

On GSP-Silva: “Georges St Pierre likes it. Georges St Pierre wanted the fight.”

On Michael Bisping: “I like Bisping vs Anderson. I’d like to see Bisping vs Anderson too. I think Bisping doesn’t get the credit he deserves for as good of a fighter as he is.”

On Brian Stann: “I had it one and one and thought he won the third. It was close. I told him and Bisping. He said ‘What’d you think’ and I told him ‘I thought you lost the third round,’ and he goes ‘I can’t even get to my fucking locker room and you’re telling me I lost the fight?’

On Strikeforce: “I got nothing. Nothing. [makes ‘cut’ motion] Call Scott Coker.” Well that’s positive.

On Rashad Evans’ return: “We’re talking about putting him on the December card, maybe January.”

On the TUF Smashes: “When this is over I’ll sit down with you guys and give you the behind the scenes. Craziest fucking season of the Ultimate Fighter we’ve ever had. Ever. And that’s saying a lot. I underestimated the rivalry. I get it now.” Then he repeats over and over and over how he underestimated it. He underestimated it. I guess he underestimated it.

There’s also a classic moment when some British reporter asks Dana why he “filleted Jon Jones like a Benihaha steak.” I wonder how excited he was to finally get to drop that line. Parts 2 and 3 after the jump. 45 minutes of Dana sayin’ stuff.