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Dana says…

As usual, Dana White spent a lot of time at the post-event press conference answering questions. Here’s some highlights:

On Frank Mir’s performance:

“I think this time, with the co-main event I was disappointed in both guys, not just in Frank,” White said. “I was more disappointed in Frank on that last card, even though he ends up getting a knockout. Frank Mir is a two-time world champion, he’s been around for a long time, he’s a super talented guy, and I expect more of him.”

On if the booing during the main event was warranted:

“No, i think that sometimes … yeah I think people did have expectations for Rampage tonight and expected him to go out and knock Hamill out. And I think a Rampage that has been active and in shape could do that.”

On Roy Nelson:

“He needs to make some serious career decisions. People talk about him making 205, that would be a huge life change and a tough thing for him to do. How about 240? Let’s make 240, Roy. The fat thing was funny for a while. It’s not funny any more. It’s not funny when you’re the co-main event in a big fight and the fight looks like it did tonight.”

On who’s next for Jon Jones:

“If Rampage can’t go, we’d either have to do Machida – because Machida is ready to go – or have [Jones] wait for Rashad because Rashad wants to (fight him),” White said. “Rashad is 100 percent confident he’s going to win this fight and wants to turn right around and fight Jones too. We’ll see what happens.”