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Dana says the new Unified weight classes suck

Well, it’s official: the UFC isn’t going to follow the new Unified Rules weight classes:

Last week, when the Association of Boxing Commissions came up with changes to the unified rules at its Montreal convention, among the many people who had no idea any of this was coming was UFC President Dana White.

“There’s going to be a fight,” said White when talking about new rules being implemented. “And you know I don’t roll over easily.”

White unequivocally said they have no intention of changing or adding to the company’s current five current weight classes.

I don’t think I have to point out the absurdity of ‘unified rules’ that no one is unified about. Actually, now that I think of it, people do seem to be ‘unified’ … in their dislike for the changes. Thus far, I haven’t heard anyone give even the smallest amount of praise to the establishment of 14 separate weight classes. And I’m still not sure what the point is behind barring covering an opponent’s mouth with your hand. Is it too ‘ungentlemanly’? Does it make people adjust their monocles in disgust?

The last thing the sport needs now is a big split in the rules. While specific promotions not embracing the new weightclasses may not seem like a big deal, it begins the splintering and cherry-picking of different rules for different regions that will spell the end of consistant standards across the country. Which fucking sucks.