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Dana says little Strikeforce is no big deal

Above, Dana White whispers his feelings about the Fedor / Rogers fight on CBS and long story short he says Strikeforce is an itsy bitsy company running teensy tiny shows and he doesn’t even consider them competition. He “just hates Showtime”, which is why he screws with their shit. That seems like an amusingly petty reason to fuck with a company that employs so many non-assholes (fighters and employees alike) but hey, what do I know?

Funny enough, now that Strikeforce has finally revealed it’s date, it seems like Dana White is conceding he just doesn’t have the ability to counter-promote that fucker like he was planning to. While I would just generally blame too many events and not enough headliners, Dana White has decided to focus on a more specific reason:

“Thanks to [expletive] B.A. Baracus, I couldn’t [expletive] pull it off,” White said. “B.A. [expletive] me. The collateral damage that was done by him doing this thing was unbelievable.”

“You have no idea how much collateral damage was done by [Jackson] pulling out of this thing,” White told ( “It literally screwed up the rest of our year. We’ve got B.J. Penn fighting in Memphis, you know what I mean?”

White said he thought he had talked “Rampage” out of doing the movie, but the situation quickly took a turn for the worse.

“What happens is, [Jackson] calls up and says he’s doing this movie. I said, ‘No, you’re not. You’re going to fight Rashad in December. You do whatever you want to do after this fight. You want to retire and become an actor? You want to join the monastery? I don’t care what you do after this fight, but ‘Rampage,’ you’re going to fight this fight.’

“He said, ‘OK.’ Then he had his manager fly in from England and met me at the hangar before I was leaving to go out of town to tell me that he wasn’t going to (fight Evans). [Rampage] and I haven’t talked since.”

Adding to Dana’s blood pressure is the fact that the Ultimate Fighter season 10 started off with some epic ratings. This is obviously a good thing, but one half of the whole point of the show was to build up a fight between the motherfucking coaches and now that fight ain’t happening until a few months after the show ends. Truth be told, I don’t think it’ll do anything but cost the UFC some hype and a few hundred thousand pay per view buys off the top of the eventual Rashad / Rampage fight. But I can get why that would piss them off.