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Dana says it’s still Chuck vs Tito

Not to diss ‘’ or anything, but I think it’s safe to say that their confirmation of Chuck vs Rich at UFC 115 isn’t really very reliable confirmation at all. Adding to the noise is Dana White, who just told our pal Showdown Joe in no uncertain terms that it’s absolutely going to be Tito vs Chuck headlining in Vancouver:

“The definite main event is Tito vs Chuck Liddell. That’s definitely the main event.”

Since I’m not a lawyer (much to my parent’s chagrin), I have no idea how this works but maybe you’re allowed to lie about the main event of a card so long as you’re not selling tickets yet. Morally it’s still kinda fucked up but there might not be anything technically / legally wrong with it. After shit goes on sale it might be an issue … even with the whole ‘Card Subject to Change’ disclaimer on every event you have to figure hiding plot changes in your reality show isn’t justification for misrepresenting the main event of a show people pay good money to attend.

Now that’s assuming Dana is still talking le bullshit. But of course we have no idea for sure what is up. At this point the main reason I still think it’s gonna be Chuck vs Rich is because Sherdog said that’s wassup and they haven’t updated the situation since then. But I’m also starting to feel a certain amount of sketchy paranoia that maybe Dana and the gang are fucking with us and the Rich switch is a fake leak like the Strikeforce counter-promotion to trick us all into watching yet another season of TUF (even after a lot of us pledged ‘never again’ after season 10). Damn you, UFC. Damn you to hell.