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Dana on that whole miscarriage thing

Every UFC, Dana White runs around with a new set of interesting talking points. The first time you hear them, they’re awesome. Then you hear him say the same thing a second time, word for word. And again and again and again. Suddenly the guy who seemed so off the cuff and spontaneous with his ‘for real’ answers starts to appear a bit more like a politician staying ‘on point’.

Dana’s talking point of the day? That Quinton’s rampage probably didn’t cause no damn miscarriage because he barely knocked the side view mirror off that chick’s vehicle. Well, here’s a picture of the vehicle, and it looks like he did a bit more than that. I don’t know shit about cars so I can’t really say how much force was needed to do that to the door of the car (and is it just me or does the rear look smashed as well?), but it certainly looks like more than just a little bump to me.

Props to jackal ChinBo for the link to the picture!