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Dana knows for a fact

Sandwiched between two big masturbatory slices of cheese, there’s another interesting Dana White comment regarding StandGate:

Petruzelli won anyway and later said the statement was misunderstood. A preliminary investigation by Florida State Boxing Commission is closed, according to EliteXC executives Jeremy Lappen and Jared Shaw both denied anything ever occurred.

White said Thursday he knows it did.

“I know for a fact it was (done).”

When asked if he knew of other instances of fight influencing in EliteXC, he said, “Yeah.”

“They’re bad guys,” he continued. “Fight tampering. You start tampering with fights. A promoter should not be talking to a fighter about any fight strategy whatsoever – You wouldn’t have me in a public blog saying the FBI should be investigating them right now if I didn’t know it.”

Granted, Dana White’s opinion on what constitutes tampering is probably very different from most other people’s. For all we know, he could be of the opinion that offering a KO bonus and only a KO bonus is enough to constitute a rigged fight. I’m still not sure what my opinion on that is … I do agree that it’s fishy when bonus money like that is applied selectively for specific outcomes and specific people.

**UPDATE** Above is a video with the quote and more.