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Dana just wasn’t interested in Randy vs Fedor

Here’s an interesting thought that popped into my head. Many people are comparing Randy Couture vs Fedor to Chuck Liddell vs Wanderlei Silva, saying it’s the new “Must Happen” fight of the sport. But I see one huge difference in these two bouts: Dana White worked his ass off to try and make Chuck vs Wand happen. As for Fedor vs Randy? Not so much.

The trials and tribulations of Dana’s attempts to get Chuck in a ring with Wanderlei Silva are well known. Dana sent Chuck off to the Pride middleweight grand prix, reportedly betting Sakakibara somewhere in the range of 250k that his boy would take out Silva. Later, he would again change standard UFC policy by allowing a PRIDE-signed Silva into the Octagon to challenge Chuck. Again, nothing ended up working out, but the key point is DANA DID EVERYTHING IN HIS POWER TO MAKE THAT FIGHT HAPPEN. I don’t doubt if Sakakibara said “Drop trou and bend over for this fight”, Dana would have done it. He would have taken Sakakibara into himself for that fight. Yes he would have.

So what the hell is so different about Fedor vs Couture? What was so different about this fight that made Dana and the UFC unwilling to bend on their standard terms like they did to try and make the Wand/Chuck fight happen?

  • Brandt says:

    Dana White is afraid that Fedor will come in and embarrass their champion and then walk away with the belt. It’s all about pride and Dana White is the worst person in the world to lead the biggest MMA organization right now because of it. He’s a dumb boxer who doesn’t understand how to work with others – nothing more to it.

  • Bruce Leroy says:

    maybe dealing with finklestein burned him out.

  • Foojita says:

    Dana doesn’t seem to like dealing with either Randy or Fedor very much lately.

    Chuck was always his boy and I’m sure he felt more confident about the outcome of that fight.

  • mateo says:

    “It’s all about pride and Dana White is the worst person in the world to lead the biggest MMA organization right now because of it.”

    So Dana is the worst because he looks out for his org?

    If I ran an MMA org, I would never give a title shot to any fighter that had plans to bolt should he win the title. If they don’t want to defend the title, they don’t deserve a chance to win the title.

  • Atom says:


    Thats fine, but then you can’t go around claiming that your champs are the best in the world, which Dana does. Just becuase someone doesn’t like your contracts and everything they entail does not make them a lesser fighter.

  • kentyman says:

    Dana had years to “do everything in his power to make that fight happen” because Chuck didn’t leave within the first year of trying to make the Wanderlei fight happen. Chuck stuck around.

    If Randy had 5 more years left in him and stuck around with the UFC, I think Dana would’ve continued to try to make the Fedor fight. I do think Dana is confident that Randy can beat Fedor, in a cage.

  • danaunclefesterwhite says:

    Not sure if this is the sole reason but this is part of the difference: The UFC was PRIDE’s bitch back when Chuck did the tournament in PRIDE. And even though PRIDE was losing ground after losing Fuji TV, the UFC and PRIDE were still competitive rivals so bringing Wand to the UFC would make sense (though it is risky obviously). But now UFC is on top and M-1 Global is completely unknown. Having Fedor come in and beat Randy would be even more of a risk and Randy, unlike Chuck with Wand, doesn’t stand a chance unless by cut stoppage.

  • jaydog says:

    I agree with D.U.F.A.
    The UFC is/was in takeover mode and demands that all fights take place on their turf and terms. Concessions, even to the greatest fighter ever, are a sign of weakness and a backward step in the monopoly game. For the time being, the fight game has a bully on the block, like it or not.

  • Brandt says:

    ATOM: Thank you! It’s the whole “don’t run your mouth if you can’t back it up” thing that makes me hate Dana White. He’ll talk talk talk and never back up his words. He sucks as a leader.

  • Tommy says:

    No big rant on how the UFC’s choice of HDdvd format has already failed. Toshiba says no more so blu-ray and Sony wins. And where’s my T-shirt?

  • waiting for them to come in … still on the way. As for blu vs hd, couldn’t care less. Both formats are on the way out, digital is gonna win.

  • Jemaleddin says:

    @Brandt: Oh yes, the reason is that Dana is scared that Randy would lose. That makes sense. He’s so scared that he basically runs Randy out of the league. Because he doesn’t want him to lose. He gives up potentially millions of dollars because he’s sure Randy will lose…. Yes.

    Just like he was terrified to bring Henderson over to fight Rampage or Silva. So afraid of them losing. Oh wait, Dana doesn’t protect his champs by giving them easy fights. That was Pride. And that’s not even taking into consideration all the non-title fights they ran to protect their champs. Never mind.

    Or, and this could just be me thinking: Dana is doing the right thing. It doesn’t make sense to have a title fight with somebody who isn’t in ANY organization (M-1 doesn’t count, how many times do I have to explain this?) and doesn’t plan to stick around in yours.

    Or, maybe Dana has been smartening up over the last few years and has realized what the rest of us were thinking: Fighters in Pride were doping (since there was no testing, why wouldn’t there be?), the Pride Management was paying people to take falls (Rampage said they offered him bonus money to get knocked out), and the reffing was complete racist bullshit (see: any Japanese fighter against a foreigner), and the judging was ridiculous (ditto point 3). A Pride title MEANS NOTHING. It’s too bad Dana didn’t figure it out before wasting all that money.

  • But perception is everything… Dana understands that in order for the UFC to be considered #1 they have to take on fighters people consider #1. That was i think the main reason he wanted Chuck vs Wand to happen, so he could prove a point. And he brought Royce Gracie back in so Matt Hughes could drub him in front of the world. So why not Randy vs Fedor?

  • higgz says:

    I think that since Fedor rejected Dana he feels–you guessed it–Rejected!! Deep down he’s still the insecure goober he probably was in high school. That’s why he cheats on his wife with Canadian whores, too.

  • danaunclefesterwhite says:

    I don’t think digital is going to beat Blu Ray. Digital audio beat DVD-Audio and SACD because most people can’t really tell the difference between DVD-Audio/SACD and CD. Heck many are just fine playing lossy compressed mp3 files that they downloaded or bought on iTunes on their iPods rather than listening to CD Audio since it’s so convenient.

    But do I think that the general public will prefer to watch Xvid/DivX/H264/MKV or shitty Youtube res flash video over Bluray? No. There is a noticeable visual difference between High Definition 720p and 1080p and streaming/ripped digital video. Unless you go on the torrents and download 720p UFC and EliteXC PPV rips. Of course those downloads are like over 4 gigs so fuck that shit. 😀

    That’s why I don’t think there will be a repeat of the iPod craze for digital video where you’ll have everyone watching compressed digital videos on the go. Watching videos is also a more private activity than listening to music with your headphones on your iPod. I mean who is going to watch pr0n during their subway commute? That’s why I think Blu Ray will co-exist with digital video just like DVD has co-existed with digital video like youtube, Xvid, DivX, h264, etc. Blu ray may be a retarded name for a format but I don’t think it will flop like DVD-Audio did.

  • kentyman says:

    It’s all digital. If you mean digitally distributed as opposed to physically distributed, then “digital” won’t win for a few years. We simply don’t have the bandwidth for it.

    Once the “last mile” problem is solved, then digital distribution will be able to take over.

  • Brandt says:

    Jameladdin or whatever your name is…I’m too lazy to copy and paste or scroll any more on this laptop. The UFC had already signed these fighters (Jackson and Henderson) to contracts in the organization before allowing them to fight for a title shot. Fedor doesn’t care for the UFC because he wants to continue dominating in Russian Sambo (like those 3 guys in less than 2 minutes) while fighting the occasional MMA fight.

    When you watch Dana talk, look at his face closely. You can see that he puts on that weird fake smile like he’s up to nothing good. He’s not a good image for a company (not that I am, I can’t fake a smile for shit) and he’s terrible at relinquishing any power to anyone else to allow the UFC to move ahead because of his ego.

  • danaunclefesterwhite says:

    Of course the audio/video is all digital. We’re talking about distribution. Blu Ray will be the next successor because digital distribution is not going to be feasible in the near future. Not until bandwidth infrastructure, access and capabilities step up.

    Even for those who have high speed internet, theres monthly bandwidth caps and storage space issues. Storage space is the lesser problem (unless you download a lot that is) but bandwidth caps are the big thing. ISPs don’t want us downloading all this shit and burning up their bandwidth. That’s why digital distribution will not penetrate that much. On top of that, a lot of people don’t have access to fast internet to begin with. There is no way I’d download full Blu Ray-esque HD quality video over going to a store and buying a Blu-Ray disc. You gotta be kidding. Physical media is here to stay until the infrastructure is laid out for convenient digital distribution of digital video. The infrastructure is there for audio with the success of iTunes, iPods and illegal music downloads. But not high-quality HD video.

  • Xavier says:

    Dana learned from his attempts to put together Silva and Liddell. White is all about putting on fights people want to see, but he has come to the understanding that few others in position of power in MMA feel the same. Pride officials certainly didn’t, and basically screwed over the UFC in order to try to establish themselves in America.

    Fedor doesn’t want to put on fights people want to see, which is why he isn’t any kind of draw in North America. Cuban isn’t going to be any better and Shaw? Jesus, Kimbo vs. Tank.

    End of the day, Dana has learned not to make deals with others because everytime he has, it has been a person who has tried to take advantage of the UFC and Dana’s trust.

  • GRD says:

    Maybe Dana is not working to hard on this fight because Randy is ungrateful. He just walked away from the UFC and lied about why. Chuck would never do that. Chuck bleeds company blood.