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Dana hurls more genitalia inspired insults at reporters

A lot of people have been wondering what impact Dana White publicly disowning Strikeforce will have on the future of the promotion. And while it doesn’t sound like Dana White is exactly backing down from his opinion that Showtime is ‘letting a D-level producer run the organization’, he told MMA Fighting’s Ariel Helwani that he never meant for those opinions to make it out to the general population:

I would like to say that the story that came out recently about things that were said was supposed to be a private conversation and not said in front of the whole world. On a different site. On MMA Junkie. MMA Junkie wrote a story that was supposed to be a private conversation between me and the gentleman who wrote it.

And despite our creative differences between me and Showtime, the guys over there I do not dislike. I don’t hate these guys, I don’t have any ill will towards them. I would never say anything publicly like that to embarrass the network or embarrass them. What happens between a bunch of men behind the scenes when they’re doing business needs to be left behind the scenes sometimes. And that was never meant to be public. So right here right now I’d like to publicly apologize for that stuff being printed for the whole world to read. And it was never meant to be.

Those were private conversations that I’d had, no way in hell should they have ever been published. Those weren’t quotes from me, those weren’t something that you know the way this normally works when you work with a journalist is you sit down and you have a topic that you’re being interviewed about, ‘Can I quote you on that, is that a quote?’ That was never done. It was never done that way, it was never meant to be a story, and the guy who wrote it knows it.

This was MMA Junkie’s John Morgan, who’d be a shoe-in for MMA Reporter of the Year if Ariel Helwani wasn’t always hogging all the awesome. So what do you think is more likely: Dana White is backtracking from some controversial comments by trying to throw a reporter under the bus, or one of the most ethical reporters in the biz from one of the most reputable MMA sites on the net purposefully skeezed these clearly off-record comments for fun and pageviews?

Morgan wasn’t the only reporter who took some sh*t from El Baldo Presidente. Dana recounted how he learned of Quinton Jackson’s testosterone adventures in Australia from a prick reporter:

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I heard about it, the first time, was at the press conference in Australia and I kinda got into it a little bit with the reporter. And to be honest, to shed some light on Rampage’s side of it, let me tell you what this guy was a prick. This guy was a prick. He came up to me, he was trying to put words into my mouth and I said to him ‘I see what you’re doin here, and you’re not gonna play that f*cking bullsh*t with me.

As he was talking to me, we were talking about testosterone replacement therapy and all these other things, and he comes back and says ‘Well you just said’ and I said ‘I didn’t say that.’ I said ‘That is not what I said. I see what you’re doing. Don’t play this f*cking game with me.’ In the middle of the interview. So for us to sit back and say ‘Oh Rampage said all this stuff and whatever.’

I dealt with this guy, this guy’s a prick. This guy was acting like he was doing some investigative work for 60 minutes in the way that he was interviewing me. And he said something back to me that I didn’t f*cking say. So I think you gotta look at both sides of this story, because I’ve dealt with tons of media, and I’m always honest about the way it goes down. You’ve dealt with me for years, and many others have, and this guy was a f*cking weasel.

Who exactly is this f*cking prick weasel Dana is referring to? Why it’s Ariel’s former MMA Fighting colleague and Japan correspondent extraordinaire Daniel Herbertson. We’ve featured his work on Fightlinker many times and again, he’s probably the last person I’d describe as a giant wanky prick. Maybe it was opposite day at the UFC on FOX 3 press conference. Reputable reporters are all sketchbags! The winner of the Nate Diaz vs Jim Miller fight is next for a title shot!

Now excuse me while I go write a letter to the Association for Men in Sports Media and see if they can put out a press release decrying the language Dana used against Dan. To demean a man by inferring he is nothing more than a penis is simply unacceptable in this day and age.

  • iamphoenix says:


  • matthewpolly says:

    Forget a fighter’s union, we made need a MMA reporter’s union with a special arbitration panel and a special fund for all those who have been banished.

  • SHORT_BUS says:

    Move over Gross, gotta make room for Mr Morgan up there in the nose bleeds.

  • CAP says:

    what a cunt.

  • agentsmith says:

    Regarding John Morgan, it’s not like him pulling a mean trick or Dana backtracking are the only options.  He could have honestly believed it was on the record.

  • frickshun says:

    ^^Apparently, Dana needs you to say “I’m quoting you on this” after every fucking sentence.

  • SHORT_BUS says:

    MMA Junkie runs a lot of stories that stretch the meaning of what someone says. They post a lot of “assuming” type pieces. Watch a post fight press conference or listen to their radio show. A fighter or Dana will give a rather bland or general answer to a question and Junkie will run a story with a sensational headline, a partial quote and a lot of their own fluff to fill in the article. They do that shit all the time.


    Jon Morgan: “Dana, any chance we’ll be seeing a show on the moon any time soon?”

    Dana: “The moon? Sure that’s a market we’re definitely interested in.”

    Front page story on Junkie the following day: “UFC to hold first ever interplanetary battle-a-thon on moon.”

  • mamoru says:

    If Morgan ever wins mma reporter of the year I’m done.
    Fuck that fat piece of shit and his rumormongering site.

    Not even because the quality of his writing is garbage (it is), but because I had to sit through like 3 hours of that manatee looking motherfucker and Roids Gracie commentating a show and it was one of the most painful nights of my life.

  • Letibleu says:

    ^^is that your new name subo?