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Dana hates juicers, loves Sherk

Dana White is such a great double-talker. For the first half of this interview with ESPN, he says “I’m gonna bust the balls of anyone who’s caught”. And then he goes on to say this:

White: I’ve known Sean Sherk for a long time. He’s a really good man. He trains hard and has worked hard to get where he’s at. You and me probably have six nanograms [of the steroid Nandrolone] in our system; he had 12. Other guys who’ve been busted for the same steroid have had over 50 nanograms in their system. What my experts tell me is, there’s no way that he would only have 12 in his system.

First off, Dana’s ‘experts’ are wrong. The average active person walks around with less than 1 nanograms … guys like Dana probably have as little as 1/10th of a nanogram. That’s a fuckload less than 6.

This whole ‘6’ value is a total fucking myth … it was invented by lawyers trying to get athletes off the hook for doping. By and large it’s just now considered the ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM an athlete can test positive for without being instantly considered guilty as sin.

“There’s no way that he would only have 12 in his system.”

Oh come on now. There’s SO MANY WAYS he could have 12 in his system. He could have been cycling off the shit. One of his 30 different supplements could have had it. Keith Kizer has already gone over the A to Z on all this and simply put, 12 is not a weird number at all. In fact, 12 is a much more suspicious number than the off the chart numbers dropped by guys like Royce Gracie and Nate Marquardt.

Anyways, I’m not God so I’m not about to pass final judgment either way. But to have the president of the UFC say he’s going to crack down on steroids and then in the same fucking breath defend a guy who tested positive … it’s just nuts! Simply put, this is not a good precedent, no matter how many threats Dana White makes regarding fighter testicles.

  • Mattio says:

    That is sad that Dana is protecting that guy. I wonder if he will go so far as to refuse to strip the title from him.

    He was so interested in protecting his soon to be suspended Lightweight Champion that he was willing to say something stupid about how non-fighters would have six nanograms in their system after a UA. He is either reaching to protect one of his favored guys or he is delusional and I pick the former.

  • intenso says:

    or he’s repeating something somebody told him