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Dana gives Strikeforce a thumbs up

Considering that Dana White has had at least a meddling hand in sinking several rival promotions thus far over the years, I think it’s pretty important to hear what he thinks about Strikeforce taking the mantle as the new #2 promotion in America (sorry Affliction … when you make your first dollar I’ll consider you for the spot). Word from Bloody Elbow indicates that Zuffa is down with Coker and the gang taking things over because they don’t want to get into any kind of monopoly / anti-trust bullshit, but here’s confirmation straight from the Dana’s mouth:

UFC President Dana White has often scoffed at the attention paid to Slice, but he draws a distinction between Strikeforce’s interest and EliteXC’s handling of the inexperienced heavyweight.

“Building your whole business around Kimbo is insane,” White says of Slice.

Unlike promoter Affliction, which has put on two pay-per-view events focusing on the heavyweight class, Strikeforce has no quarrel with UFC, the dominant force in MMA.

“I’m sure they’re going to put on some good shows, and hopefully, they can make that business model work for them,” White says. “I’ve got nothing negative to say about them whatsoever.”

Still, I wouldn’t be surprised if the UFC continues to do stuff like counter-promote Strikeforce events with PPV replays on Spike and stuff. Just because they don’t HATE Strikeforce with the fury of 1000 suns, it doesn’t mean they’re going to let them run without some natural healthy competition.